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What inspired me to take part in this project was observing some of our school cleaners having to clean up after school. Although the school does say that we should not eat and drink inside of the classrooms , many students still proceed to do so which makes the classrooms very dirty as well as makes the trash bags very bulky. This makes the task of cleaning the entire school very troublesome and adding the factor of their old age makes it even worse. Without them the cleanliness of our school would have been compromised. They also have to take on even more jobs during this covid period as in the new normal our hygiene has become one of its priorities so other than what I have previously mentioned they have to top up the wipe down solution and tissues in our classrooms so that we can conduct our wipedown routine. I am very grateful for the cleaners for reasons I have mentioned previously and so I decided to help out in this project to give back to them and show my appreciation.

Learn & Decide

In order to conduct this project , our scout group had worked with our school OM (Operations Manager) to help plan out what we could do to help them. After a good discussion with the OM , the PLC had come to the conclusion that we can help with the monthly wipe down of all the tables in the canteen done by the school cleaners as well as the school hall in view of the upcoming exam period. By doing this the school cleaners would be able to relax a bit more as this is quite a laborious job and takes quite a while to do. Since we have the manpower this could be done more quickly and effectively by us so we decided to take it up. We were also going to assist in the mass clearing of heavy CCA equipment from the various CCAs in our school. These 2 task seemed quite feasible to us so with the help of the OM and Scout Leaders we planned the project to last from 7th April 2021 to 17th April 2021 after gathering the logistics required.


On the first day of execution we started of by splitting up our manpower so as to clean the areas in the most effective way. We put some of the stronger guys in the group to go to the hall in order to help with the moving of the tables and chairs so that they could clean the hall with and around 7 more to help clean up the area with 2 plc members supervising. The rest were assigned to clean up the canteen where we had to clean all the tables and chairs. We started of by filling up pails of water with washing solutions and then proceeded to split ourselves back into our patrols and assigned different patrols to clean different parts of the canteen. After cleaning your specific part we were supposed to go and help out other areas. On the second day of execution , we helped clear out our old poles as well as the wooden table tops. We split up our manpower by deciding on who should sort the poles to usable and not usable , transporting of the rotten poles and sorting out of the poles by height in order to be stored before thrown. We sent our jobman and a few others to go and sort out the poles as they would be the ones most knowledgeable about the condition and put some of the stronger guys to transport the poles and tables. The rest were put at the sorting out of poles. Once each specific area was done they would go to help out the sorting of poles at the end which allowed it to end rather quickly.




Throughout these 2 days I learnt alot about how to effectively split manpower as it was required on multiple occasions. In addition I also saw how difficult it was to move the bulky items from one location to the remonal area as the items are really heavy and there are many corners and turns between the two locations, but we managed to overcome these challenges by communicating with one another and also working with one another. Though we faced a lot of challenges along the way I feel this was a very fruitful experience not only for the PLC but the entire scout group as we were able to give back to the elderly cleaners that were taking such great care of the cleanliness of our school


Service hours: Total Hours: 12h (7th April 2021 – 17th April 2021)

  • 7th April 2019: 2hr (planning and meet up with OM to discuss on the project for 10th Apr)

  • 10th April: 4hr (Execution of Day 1 of service-learning activity)

  • 14th April: 2hr (planning and meet up with OM to discuss on the project for 17th Apr)

  • 17th April: 4hr (Execution of Day 2 of service-learning activity)

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Project Period

Started On
Saturday, April 10, 2021
Ended On
Sunday, April 11, 2021



Service hours



Scouting and Humanitarian Action


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