Call for nominations of Youth Advisors to the World Scout Committee

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Dear friends,

In accordance with the recently approved Guidelines of the 14th World Scout Youth Forum, the World Scout Bureau (WSB) would hereby like to notify all Member Organizations (MOs) that the following six Youth Advisors to the World Scout Committee (WSC), elected at the 13th World Scout Youth Forum in 2017, will retire from office at the 14th World Scout Youth Forum to be held in August 2021:

  • Ms Amal Ridene (Tunisia)
  • Ms Diana Carrillo Tiburcio (Mexico)
  • Mr Edgar Marumbu (Kenya)
  • Mr Julius Kramer (Sweden)
  • Mr Martin Meier (Liechtenstein)
  • Mr Mori Chi-Kin Cheng (Hong Kong)

Elections will be held at the 14th World Scout Youth Forum to fill the resulting six Youth Advisor vacancies for the period until the 15th World Scout Youth Forum (2024). Youth Advisors are not eligible for re-election.

In considering candidates for nominations, MOs are reminded to consider the following:

  • Prior to completing a nomination for Youth Advisor, consideration is given by MOs to put forward the candidate for nomination as a voting member of the WSC, mindful of Conference Resolution 1993-25[1].
  • The Role Description of the Youth Advisors.
  • Candidates must be delegates to the 14th World Scout Youth Forum, having been born on or between the dates of 19 August 1993 and 18 August 2003.
  • In no case shall more than one elected candidate per MO serve as a Youth Advisor during any period[2].
  • Any MO, which is provisionally suspended[3] from WOSM membership, will have its nominated candidate removed from the ballot if it is not returned to good standing with WOSM at the time of the Opening Session of the 14th World Scout Youth Forum.
  • Youth Advisors to the World Scout Committee do not represent “any particular Member Organization or Region”. The Conflict of Interest Policy is applicable[4] to all elected candidates.
  • As one of the WOSM fundamental purposes is to promote unity of the Scout Movement throughout the world, MOs are asked to keep in mind the desirability of geographical balance in the membership of the Youth Advisors to World Scout Committee.
  • In accordance with the Strategy for Scouting and in particular the objectives on youth involvement in the decision-making process and the importance of gender equality, MOs are strongly encouraged to also nominate young women, as candidates. In the same spirit, MOs who nominated a candidate for the role of Youth Advisor should ensure that this person is also a member of their National Delegation to the World Scout Conference[5].
  • All candidates must familiarize themselves with and abide by the WOSM Code of Conduct for Elections (CoCE)[6] when promoting their candidature[7].
    • In accordance with Section 3.d of the CoCE, all candidates will be required to satisfactorily complete a training to be administered by the WSB (available no later than June 2021) before the “List of Candidates Nominated for Youth Advisors to the World Scout Committee” is circulated.
    • In accordance with Section 3.m of the CoCE, all candidates, no later than 24 hours before the election, will be required to submit a written report to the Ethics Committee detailing the sources and amounts of funding used in the election campaign, and how the funds were expended in the format to be provided by the WSB (available no later than June 2021).
  • Subject to formal approval of the newly elected WSC, an induction and first full business meeting will be scheduled in the course of October 2021. All members of the WSC, as well as Youth Advisors, are expected to attend. (More information on exact dates, format and venue will be communicated once an assessment on the modality of the meeting can be made due to the evolving situation of the global pandemic).


MOs interested to nominate a candidate for election as a Youth Advisor to the WSC should carefully review all considerations before following the guidance for submitting the nomination package found on The nomination package includes:

  • Nomination Form
  • Portrait of the candidate
  • Statement of Motivation
  • Conflict of Interest Form

The nomination package is to be sent in digital format only to, by 12 May 2021 at 23h59 GMT[8].

The WSB will send a confirmation of receipt for all nominations received. A Forum Document providing the candidate overviews will be released to all MOs no later than 21 July 2021.

Should you have any further questions regarding the procedure for nomination of Youth Advisors to the WSC, please contact us at


Yours in Scouting,


Ahmad Alhendawi

Secretary General

World Organization of the Scout Movement


[1] Conference Resolution 1993-25 ‘urges National Scout Organizations to consider presenting younger candidates for future World Scout Committee elections.’

[2] Section 6.a.iii, WSYF Guidelines, approved by the WSC in February 2021

[3] As a result of Article VIII.1 & XI.5 of the WOSM Constitution, including application of sanctions due to the updated Policy Concerning Payment of Registration Fees (Circular 17/2018)

[4] The Conflict of Interest Policy developed in Triennium 2014-2017 for WSC members is also applicable to Youth Advisors of the period until the 43rd World Scout Conference (2024).

[5] In accordance with the Strategy for Scouting adopted by the 36th World Scout Conference in Thessaloniki, and in particular the priorities on youth involvement in the decision-making process, and in accordance with Conference Resolution 2002-06.

[6] WOSM Code of Conduct for Elections approved by the World Scout Committee, and communicated to NSOs on 25 February 2021

[7] Resolution 2008-07 on “Rules of good practice for electoral campaigns”

[8] In case of non-compliance with either one or all of the criteria stipulated in Section 6.a.iii of the WSYF Guidelines February 2021, then the second deadline of 23 June 2021 at 23h59 GMT shall be triggered by the WSB at least 12 weeks prior to the WSYF. See for more information.

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