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Paris d’Avenir

7. mai 2011

22-25 April 2011. Paris. France. 
Some notes of Scouts from National Scout Association of Moldova.

It is well known that Paris is one of the most beautiful, enchanted, spiritual and full of history city. Starting with April 2011, it represented much more than this for us- It meant scouting, friendship, adventure and thousand of emerald colored uniforms.

It was a new experience, a beginning for another level of our development as rovers, a step full of adventure and passed successfully,

It all began at the airport, with that unusual sensation of worry always besides you during our scouting life, that state when you feel that your heart is ready to pomp out from your chest, you are standing in the middle of the airport’s waiting room wearing proudly your scouting uniform and the joy inside you has no limits. The speaker announces that “Chisinau- Paris” has finally reached the destination. We were accompanied by an extremely kind and polite scout Thierry, who also greeted us at the Charles de Gaulle Airport, he had loads of stories to tell us and it just made our day. Charmed by our first interaction with Scouts et Guides de France, we noticed that unfortunately we were a bit late at the Opening Ceremony, but still the evening was absolutely fantastic- scouts, songs, stage, effects and at last a tiny part of Paris by night, following us during our way to hotel.

The 2nd day of the activity and our 1st proper day in Paris

Woke up at 7 AM, looking forward for 104 Tracks> Our great expedition through Paris started at Trocadero square, that opens a spectacular view of Eiffel Tower. The morning was pretty cool and we were a bit confused so we stared at this worldwide famous construction as we were Parisian for goods :)

During this day I think we were blessed with a great International Team made of us and French rovers, and for the second time we convinced ourselves that this scouts wearing green uniforms were definitely nice and polite, with their help we lived this extraordinary event. Our team was responsible for the activities regarding blind people- Braille ABC, activities that can be largely expanded in other countries as a necessary support for those who are not able to see. The entertaining part of the day was the little trip in the city tracking with a special designed map, sketched especially not to get lost.

The 3rd day

The Holiday- Easter.

Awakening before the sunrise, but it was worth it.

The religious service in Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral- probably the most memorable and fairy moment from the program! Faces lightened by the candles and songs which glorify the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the old wall of the church that adds a bit of magic in every moment spent there.Memories that are craved in our heart for a long time. We took the breakfast and then Yabboq (2nd half of the day and the change of International Team, they were as good the first one). It was time for the proper scouting activities- Jambville time. Of course we couldn’t resist not to walk on our feet for 6 km, but it was challenging. The first part of the route we walked in silence to feel better the holy atmosphere of Easter, another half talking about our thoughts. Finally Jambville- dream camping site for a day. The fresh air of the forest cheered us up. The tents had already been settled , a truly scouting atmosphere, although the night was a bit colder than we had expected, this period we’ll remember only full of joy and excitement.

The 4th day

Every beginning has its logical end (and for us both of them were absolutely fascinating).

The last day: It seemed that is was something sad in the air, we were used to all the French people surrounding us, but Paris d’Avenir came to its end, leaving in our minds only bright memories and lots of life lessons, one of them being: regardless our nationality, the language we are speaking,we are all scouts, the phenomenon that tight us through an invisible bond.

We want to thank Scouts et Guides de France for the warm welcome and for the thing that we felt there as home.

Cristina Vladicescu and Mihaela Staras,rovers, NSA Moldova

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