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Publication date: 25th May 2019


by Víctor Acuña Casillas.

National Secretary, Scouts Association of Mexico.


It's amazing how we can surprise people in an after-dinner conversation when we reveal what Scouts really are. And one of our sad institutional weaknesses is that we have not been able to let society know who we are and what we do.


  • Mom, you will notice the transformation of your child both at school and at home, there will be a clear "before and after" Scouting.
  • Dad, the presence of the Scouts in the life of your son will make him independent, self-aware, make decisions and begin a leadership career from a tender age.
  • Dear government, Scouting is capable of delivering committed citizens for all those tasks that you cannot cope with.
  • Respectable entrepreneur, hiring a Scout is a true guarantee of respect, leadership, honesty, creativity and teamwork.
  • World, we are that social medicine that we are missing to keep this house called earth alive.



When we give ourselves the task of disseminating to our colleagues and neighbors what this wonderful project is about, to which we dedicated so much love, time, effort and resources, we give meaning, to the degree of spreading that enthusiasm of the idealism of achieving a better world through small actions.


Thanks to all the experiences in the heart and the scars of the skin, the Scouts must be very clear how to tell the story. How to communicate what we are and what we do, in order to be able to deliver a clear concept of Scouting to those who are interested, either by sympathy or by an authentic intention to join.




When they ask us,  what the differentiator of Scouting  from other activities, you can proudly respond that "we work on values". But “aguas” with the next question, what do we mean by Values?

And it's so complicated and simple; complicated to define values and simple to have experienced them since you are part of the Movement. Without further do, our value system is manifested in the elements of your prayers, the promise, the law, the motto and the mission.




To attract attention, sell a dream, create an emotion and desire, brands must tell us a story; Scouting has one and is formidable.


To tell the story, we have some key messages:

- Scouting is the largest youth movement in the world.

- It was originated in England in 1907.

- Currently 169 countries have their National Scout organization.

- We are 50 million Scouts in the world.

- In history, more than 500 million people have been Scouts.

- An Educational Project with a Scout Method.

- Our Vision: Build a better world.

- Our Mission: Educate young people to play an active role in society.

- We are environmentalists, messengers of peace and we are always ready to serve others.

- We are SCOUTS and the “Flor de lis” identifies us.


“It's about telling the story of a global community of USEFUL, ACTIVE AND HAPPY citizens with the crazy dream of leaving this world better than they found it. "



If we have an excellent product and communicate it correctly in an interpersonal manner. We can move from individual to collective communication, from the personal to the mass, with the clear intention of attracting new members, attract professional and volunteer leaders and obtain cooperation and the financial resources that are needed.


Good works are not of spontaneous generation, intentions are not enough, they are done by the sum of wills and the funds to become a reality. That's we need to document the actions, which by the way, are a lot. Without overexposing, without saying more, objective results. We must communicate what we do, with all respect for ourselves, our identity and our mission. There must be coherence between the image we project, the message we give, behaviors and social practices.


A good image is not enough either, we have to show positive effects, results, and demonstrate them because our vocation is so authentic that it prevents us from having an impact on the news. Two sides of the coin that have us trapped.


There is no reason to be ashamed of what we do, it is too good, and it is not about being petulant, but about sharing this wonderful opportunity of service with many more people looking for ways to help others.


We cannot do it alone, neither individuals nor organizations. Let us continue to do impeccably what we know how to do, tell the story, let more people have the opportunity to serve, do things of great impact and great importance to offer a better world.


Always ready to serve. Ko.


SOURCE: Scout BOOM COMM, Second Edition 2008. World Scout Bureau.

Phography: Pako Rodríguez

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