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Publication date: 12th Apr 2019

Interamerica Scout Committee Members Induction

The Interamerican scout committee was renewed during the 27th Interamerican Scout Conference held in Panama last November 2018.

Four new members joined to complete the full committee of 8 elected members and 4 ex-officio Members. Each member is elected for the period until the next ordinary meeting of the Regional Conference.

The Interamerican Scout Committee acts in behalf of the Interamerican Scout Conference for the guidance of the Region during the Period of 2018-2021. Their training process is important, so they are able to perform better their roles. 

Thanks to the support of Messengers of Peace funds, an induction training for all committee members together with the Interamerica Support Centre’s staff took place in Panama last February, from 15 to 17th, 2019.

This training was designed to give orientation and induction to the members on the above areas and to set up an unified working culture towards achieving the set goals by the Regional Plan.


The key elements of the Induction training were:

  • To align governance concepts, going through regional structure, roles and agree on working groups.
  • To align shared priorities and team aspirations
  • To discuss and establish working methods, relationship with the Regional Support Centre and agree on mutual expectations and accountability


The training was mainly handled by the facilitators, who were invited to conduct several sessions.  Three facilitators joined the meeting representing WOSM as external parties.

Two key outputs were developed: A Team Charter (outlining the methods and values of the group) and a consolidated review of the outcomes of the Regional Conference into a final version of the Regional Triennial Plan.

We truly believe that this process should be replicated in each and every one of the National Scout Organizations in order for members of the body to be all aligned, get to know each other, get to know their executive team and understand their roles, functions, tasks and the most important: set an action plan to achieve the goals of the organization.

This induction was a great opportunity to decide on future plans, like meetings, budget, strategies and follow up on what was achieve last triennium, etc.

In terms of governance, having an induction training for the governing body (Regional Committee) it´s a best practice. If this practice is held with the presence of the members of the staff the outcomes improves. It´s the opportunity to build an only one team, each one with their own functions and responsibilities, but working in unity towards a better Region.


This training was a very good opportunity not only for the Regional Committee, to identify their role in the Region and to have team building. For us, as staff, was the opportunity to collaborate in the building of the Team Charter that established a commitment between governing and operational bodies.

I´m sure that this training has been very productive and will guide our team in the next triennium.”   Raúl Sánchez Vaca, Regional Director

 "Our Induction training was a great experience. I believe these type of trainings are a key point on building a strong Regional Committee, since they are based not only on the skills that we should acquire for a good performance during our term, but also on building an amazing team, in order for us to really challenge ourselves collaboratively to push our region even further. On my role as a youth advisor I also want to highlight that this experience set a difference on how we interact with the rest of the Committee.

Since so far youth is not so used to participate in these types of political bodies, I believe that this is a great solution for making that learning process even smoother for both, the Youth Advisors and the other Committee members themselves." Joaquín Parafita, Youth Advisor for the Interamerica Scout Committee

By: Laura Delgado 

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