Ordinary world, great contribution, to sanitation workers

Ordinary world, to sanitation workersSafety clothing within the hard worker

There is such a group of people,

They are dressed in the most beautiful orange safety clothing, but often people forgotten.

They crossed the streets and polished the city with hard work and sweat.

Each sanitation workers every day in their respective sections of the road back and forth clean.

Walking distance of several tens of kilometers, a total of cleaning to be a few pounds of garbage.

We have been accustomed to their presence,

Walking on the road occasionally by the body of the reflective clothes to attract attention.

But that's it.

The probability of a traffic accident at night is much larger

Only safety clothing are protecting their safety

Reflective Heat Press Vinyl is an indispensable material to protect these sanitation workers.

Wearing a reflective overalls, thin and powerful Chen Su MinEarly morning

3:00 am

When people are still immersed in the sweet dreams

Everywhere is silence

Wearing a reflective clothing sanitation workers Chen Sumin has begun her day of intense and busy work.

Half an hour ride, she arrived at her place of work, start a new day of work.

In the dim lights and stars under the shine, the whole road, accompanied by Sumin Chen busy addition to the figure that is her dog.

It is these ordinary sanitation workers

They are dirty and tired to their own,

Put the clean and beautiful left on the street.

Although they are covered with dust,

But has a flash of the soul.

Rugged back

Staggering footsteps

Traction filled with rubbish sanitation car

In the open streets on the slow.

Every day six or seven hundred pounds of garbage,

Running back and forth five or six,

Sent to the garbage transfer station 3 km away.

6 o'clock in the morning

Chen Sumin will be cleaned after a pile of garbage into the sanitation tricycle

The dirty streets have restored the cleanliness of the day.

After more than three hours of hard work,

Complete cleaning,

She rushed home, for the sick in the bed of his wife to do breakfast.

Early in the morning

8:30 am,

Take care of her husband after breakfast Chen Su-min returned to her job,

Started daytime work - street hygiene maintenance.

10:00 the city's traffic gradually increased,

Sumin Chen in the bustling streets and busy up

Most of the garbage discarded on the street is a leaflet,

This makes Chen Sumin elderly in the flow of the streets to catch up with the wind blowing the garbage.

If the sanitation of the hard work to get everyone to share and understand,

Even if only a "self-sweep before the snow," a small move,

But also make this cold morning full of moving and warm.

At this time of the old people have become a look of confusion at the end,

His eyes like to see what, I do not know

Noon work heavy task, she can only rely on the morning to bring lunch to eat.

If one day there is a temporary rest point,

Is Chen Su Min and every sanitation workers wish

Love environmental health everyone is responsible, respect for the hard work of sanitation workers,

Please do not littering them to add too much burden on them,

They are a group worthy of more respect, understanding and support.

Life created by both hands is worthy of respect,

Ordinary work often highlights more touched.


The curtain of the night finally falls upon you,

Chen Su Min also took the trouble to patrol the streets were discarded peel, garbage.

The colorful lightening just begins,

Steady flow of people, still erratic that light.

The last car garbage to the garbage transfer station

In the city under the reflection of the neon lights,

The backs of the streets toward them are calm and strong.

In the face of survival,

Perhaps only this back in order to support them to face all the difficulties,

Only this back, only for the city to add a beautiful landscape.

They used hard work and hard sweat in exchange for the beautiful environment of our city

They are indispensable people in our lives for a moment

Is worthy of our respect, understanding and support

City of civilization

Let us start from their own, from now on, from small things to start

Do not litter, do not mess up garbage

Respect them, respect their fruits of labor

They are one of the most concentrated types of work in the city of the elderly and the women;

Their reflective work clothes most eye-catching,

But they are the most obscure group of people.

They are with a weak shoulder to carry the "clean the city, the benefit of the people" burden,

To ordinary simple work, in exchange for the city's clean and beautiful,

Practicing the "city beautician" glorious and sacred duty.

When the silence of the street is not a silhouette of the time

They have long been holding a broom to run around in the streets.

When the sanitation workers in the morning when the hard work on the street

I believe most people are still asleep

Orange reflective service in the lights under the shine

Flashing little bit of light.

They are not rhetoric, only silent dedication.

Is they, with a broom swept out the city's civilization.

Are they, with a dustpan end out of the city clean.

It was their first note of the labor movement every morning.

WEALLIGHT 's Vision - Guardian Sanitation workers

In every corner of the city,

Have the same as Sumin Chen waving the work of the hard work of the figure.

They are dusk every day,

Doing the most tired and dangerous work,

But the lowest wage.

However, a driver's negligence

May be a passing of life

WEALLIGHT do not want to see

We make every effort to help them, guard the city's guard - sanitation workers

Every sanitation worker can make shining light

Would like to WEALLIGHT's reflective material has been to protect you.

Heat transfer reflective tape market is getting bigger and bigger, may we be able to go with you!

WealLight wants security and fashion to be parallel, Our Reflective heat transfer material and luminous, colorful reflective materials.

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