“Or yor noy” nanny rover scouts club project (Budget 2015). Agriculture and technology college Udon Thani Thailand.

“Or yor noy” nanny rover scouts club project (Budget 2015). Agriculture and technology college Udon Thani Thailand.
“Or yor noy club” is a project of Food and Drug Administration Thailand has established to promote and educate the students about their own care. Project, aims to educate the children about health promotion and provide activities monitoring contaminant residues in food.

The process of implementation “Or yor noy” nanny rover scouts club project (Budget 2015). Agriculture and technology college Udon Thani Thailand.
1. Establish the members of “Or yor noy club” by recruiting from college nanny rover scouts and elect the board of the club. The club operate under the supervision of the advisors and support the club by Director of the college .
2. Club meetings and divided into six divisions.
1. Food Analysis
2. The survey, check the store cafeteria.
3. Promotion Knowledge
4. public relations
5. Finance
6. The data, information, evaluation and reporting program.
3. Operation Activities to disseminate knowledge about the consumer in the right way for the students in the college.
Proceed as follows:
3.1 Speech Interface on Tuesday morning took 10 minutes.
3.2 Awareness amplifier in college during the noon of Tuesday.
3.3 Make the board's food safety knowledge at cafeteria.
3.4 Training seminars to educate about food safety to students in college.
3.5 Gather knowledge on food safety
3.6 Knowledge Service , books about food safety.
4. Dissemination of knowledge to the community.
4.1 The club members take the knowledge about food safety tell to the family nearby homes and people in the community that they know.
4.2 To educate the community by exhibitions, demonstrations, food inspection. Public Health Udon Thani office supported the test kit.
4.3 The club members go to teach student in school near the college about food safety, food inspection in elementary school, quiz games and exhibition.
4.4 Consumerism network expansion.
5. Monitoring of food sold in shops within the college.
6. The college cafeteria survey for hygiene.
7. The club members surveillance the health products that sell in the college.
8. The link to the course. By integrated knowledge about food safety into scout activities every Tuesday.
9. The budget supported by the College And the Food and Drug Administration Thailand.
10. The pride of the club is that everyone has a good quality of life and longevity.

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Good project

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thank you

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Hello, greetings scout! :) I'm claudia, scouting from indonesia. can you help me? I have conversations assignment to make a dialogue with person from other country, and I think that my friends in a scouting organisation can help me, and I choose you. :)

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Yes. IF I can.

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Do you have Twitter account ?? :)

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No. But LINE code is Pornsilp3515.

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from Thailand, 4 years ago

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Saturday, November 1, 2014
Ended On
Wednesday, September 30, 2015



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