Actor/Celebrity Survivalist/Adventurer/Creator I can play hero roles intense, evil villainous intense, military or law enforcement as I have real world experience at both. Bio: Daniel is billed as “America’s Survival Son”. He is a 17 year 10 Month, multiple combat and service veteran of the United States Army, with many years of experience in combat, survival, policing/security as well. These glowing resumes lead Daniel to actively follow his passion for Survival, where he is the Owner and CEO of Survival Extreme Catalog Inc., Daniel W. Shrigley Industries DBA. Daniel hosts Survival Talk Radio, a show that teaches survival related topics. Daniel has attracted a following from across the globe and due to his high interaction with fans over his media accounts; Daniel is now seen as an icon in Survival while he passes on daily his wisdom and knowledge to his fan base worldwide via his activities and online magazine. Daniel has a rock song about him specially made by Bruce John Dickinson & Frank Knight titled "America's Survival Son." County music Artist Tori Martin wrote a song for Daniel and his show titled "Save Yourself." They will be filming a music video together to compliment the show Survival Trek Escape. From STE, Dan created a follow-on series titled "Dan Shrigley's Queens Of Survival" this will include all female athletic and outdoor talents. Daniel W. Shrigley was placed in an international poll. This poll is titled: The Top Ten Best Survival Experts (globally) were Dan has been place by fans world wide in the flexible position of fifth. Dan also is an Ambassador for the Messengers Of Peace Organization, a mentorship program designed by the Worldwide Scouting Organization of over 30 Million Scouts. Daniel has already been cast in two movies this year to play himself, a new Bigfoot Movie titled “Skookum” and the new Sci-fi/Action/Thriller titled "We Are Soldier". Dan has partnered up with Mykel Hawke to work on some joint venture film projects on survival. He is currently in the audition phase with BBC Discovery Channel to Star in the next BIG survival television series on their network. This means that his career as an expert in his accomplished fields is taking off with no end in sight. Daniel has been the brainchild and creator of the new highly anticipated Survival Reality Adventure TV Show titled “Survival Trek Escape”. Hollywood and the social media world are already on fire and the Survival world is buzzing. People are desperate to see “Survival Trek Escape”. The television series should be premiering on networks towards the end of the year. The show which is classed as unique, will include twists, turns and never been seen before scenarios and plots that will have survival fans on the edge of their seats. “SURVIVAL TREK ESCAPE” is a survival reality series that focuses on dire situations or catastrophic events. To facilitate certain scenarios additional talents outside of the main star will be appearing as well with certain episodes featuring celebrity guests. The show’s concept and main platform has an in depth focus on viable survival content which will dawn a new era in survival television. Audience participation will be encouraged to submit ideas on the show’s Facebook page for maximum viewer involvement, again something that has never been tried before with the Survival TV genre. Dan has included some of the industry leading influencers as advisors to maximize the best and most accurate information as humanly possible, as a seasoned military veteran who designed and built this TV series, whilst he started building this series on active duty status in the Army. Now Honorably Discharged to pursue his public careers glide path. Dan's has put his heart and soul into creating this show an others, making it a reality, that will be reflected on screen. Before building the show, Dan connected with a global fan base to find out exactly what the world wanted. Dan has these answers and is now ready to deliver exactly what was asked of him. No trickery, fakery, or pulling the wool over the viewer’s eyes. Everything you see in “Survival Trek Escape” is real. If he is put into a scenario to survive using his skills and instinct, then he will do that with conviction. “Survival Trek Escape” already has the world talking about it, including the celebrity appearances and unique plots and twists. It is anticipated to be the biggest and best Survival Reality TV show the world has seen to date. The UK has Bear Grylls, Canada has Les Stroud and now the United States has its very own Survival Son. Daniel W. Shrigley - •CEO/Survivalist/Actor Survival Extreme Catalog Inc. •Lead Organizer/Senior Survival Instructor Bell County Wilderness Survival Group •Creator/ Executive Producer/ Presenter SURVIVAL TREK ESCAPE Survival Reality TV Series [Independent Project] Survival Radio Show Host: Dan Shrigley http://www.blogtalkradio.com/survivaltalknw/ Daniel W. Shrigley's http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5488792/ #IMDb Survival Trek Escape (2014) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2936822/ #IMDb Fan Store www.zazzle.com/SurvivalTrekEscape www.intagram.com/Daniel_Shrigley www.twitter.com/DanShrigley www.twitter.com/SurvivalTrek www.facebook.com/Daniel.Shrigley.Survival www.facebook.com/Daniel.W.Shrigley www.facebook.com/SurvivalTrekEscape www.facebook.com/SurvivalExtremeCatalog www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=191857420
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from United States of America, 7 years ago
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