Activity Package For National Scout Organizations

This package aims to inspire Rovers and adult leaders around the world to enrich their Rovers Centenary celebration. We are aware that every National Scout Organization (NSO)/National Scout Association (NSA) has a unique way of celebrating the Rovers Centenary, and we encourage you to turn 2018 into a memorable year not only for Rovers, but also for all young people in your country.

The Centenary is a great opportunity to

  • act and advocate for issues affecting young people in your country
  • reach out to the local community
  • raise awareness on sustainability issues and, the impact of young people and Scouting in transforming communities

And above all, to strengthen bonds and create new bridges among the global community of Rovers.

Suggested Activities

These suggestions are only for your consideration as we believe that you have a wealth of ideas for the commemoration/celebration of the Centenary.

The ‘R’ date - 12 August

The Centenary is a significant occasion. NSOs/NSAs are encouraged to join the international community in celebrating International Youth Day . NSOs/NSAs may consider commemorating this day with Non-Governmental Organizations, local influencers and other institutions.

2018 – A Rover Fest

Rovers around the world, have a wide range of practices, stories and traditions. We encourage NSOs to coordinate efforts with the local community and partners to dedicate special occasions not only to enhance and showcase these traditions, but also to provide learning opportunities for the young people of the community. This can be done through:

  • events (gatherings and exhibitions) on music and art
  • workshops on the development of soft and hard skills that are related to:
  • o entrepreneurship
    o volunteering
    o leadership
    o decision-making
    o project planning
    o humanitarian action
    o sustainable development
    o Dialogue for Peace (intergenerational, intercultural, interreligious, social, etc.)

  • fairs that showcase the impact of community projects to non-Scout and potential partners
  • parties and celebrations
  • Rover balls
  • Special recognitions of outstanding Rovers and adult leaders

There are many other ways to commemorate and celebrate the Centenary, but the main ideas are to showcase the contributions of Rovers and to provide learning opportunities.

Rover Global Footprint – Community Service

Similar to what we did for the centenary of Scouting, we would also like to use this year to try and leave this world a little better than we found it. We envision Rovers to be the drivers or key players in the development of new and innovative solutions for issues affecting young people and local communities through initiatives such as

  • community service in local communities
  • international exchange for community development
  • service for humanitarian action

Rovers for Sustainable Development Goals

Raising awareness and educating people on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) help to create positive behavioural change that will enable us to achieve the goals, and prompt more action in alignment with SDGs. NSOs are instrumental in spreading out this understanding; and in supporting Rovers who are eager to become SDGs ambassadors among their peers and community members. You may consider:

  • organising SDGs workshops for young people aged 16 years and above
  • organising campaigns and partnerships to understand SDGs and Rovers’ role in its achievement
  • mentoring Rovers and helping them to understand and promote SDGs in local institutions and communities

Rovers’ Tongue - Talks and Campfires

The Centenary is a fantastic opportunity to inspire the exchange of ideas and experiences, to foster international friendship, to promote dialogue and understanding, and to empower young people with skills for today’s challenges. Thanks to their years of experience in Scouting, Scouts and Rovers have a lot of expertise and best practices. 2018 would be a good year to hold online and offline talks and workshop hosted by speakers from the Scouts Global network.

Rover Scout Programme Review

You may also consider looking at the Rover section’s needs, reviewing its programme, taking into consideration the youth trends in your country, and updating the adult training schemes.

Time Capsule

What messages and items would you like to leave Rovers 50 or 100 years from now? This is an interesting way to send a message to the future and encourage young people to continue to create positive impacts and transform communities. Your time capsule can include:

  • a letter
  • your Rover community’s manifesto
  • fun and exciting pictures of your adventures
  • memorabilia of your Rover community
  • messages from members of your Rover community (Find More Here)

On the Trail - Outdoors Adventure

Young men and women are eager to explore and discover places, meet old and new friends as well as to develop a sense of a global and cohesive community. National and international explorations to discover culture, nature and sports can be done via

  • parties in the forest
  • outdoors route and challenges
  • environmental action

National Rover Moot

If you’ve never had a Moot in your country, you probably should consider organising one.

Rover for a Day – Growth and Volunteering Campaign

Let’s share the awesomeness of being part of the world’s leading educational youth movement! We are aiming to have 100 million active citizens by 2023, and one way to achieve that is to inspire more people to discover interesting activities organised by local Scouts. Invite non-Scouts to participate in:

  • community development projects
  • outdoors camps and explorations
  • multicultural experiences
  • weekly meetings
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