5 steps closer to the goal

I was very motivated to participate in the Central European Jamboree in Poland when I met scouts from different parts of the world but I couldn't communicate with them and that was the point when I set for myself the goal to learn English.
I realised that I need English not only for communication but also for professional development in my field and in scouting, and to read the book of Baden-Powell “Scouting for boys” (the original version in English), so here’s the story of pursuing my goal.
Since spring 2017 I am living in Romania. I work in a project called “Green Life”, with volunteers from different countries and I’m living in the same house with them, and the only possible way to communicate is through English. This improved my English so much, but for you should never be satisfied with an achievement, because satisfaction will stop the process of development.
In Romania, it was important for me to have local friends because I wanted to learn about the culture and the people but I couldn’t speak Romanian, so I had to find someone speaks English. You know when some people say that universe has its own way to make things happen, that’s what happened in Romania, I met those local people who speaks English, and the best part is, they are scouts, just like me! The story happened in early summer, I was on Facebook, and out of nowhere, an event appeared on my wall, and it was a scouts festival in the city where I live, so I went there and I helped them organizing the event and made new Romanian friends, and the best part, they speak very good English, so they will help improving mine.
So up to this point, the summer was in the beginning and I’m already improving my English and I had Romanian scouts friends, but as I told you to prefer, satisfaction is not acceptable, so me and my friends created a project for teenagers under a program called Active Citizens Ukraine from the British Council and I went there by hitchhiking with my friend from Spain, so I had to be like a translator between Ukrainian and English for twenty days, during the project and after it when she was staying with me and my family.
It was also a practice for the project participants and an opportunity for them to learn about Spain and the Spanish culture.
In July scouts from Romania invited me to take part in a James Bond Hike at the Nochrich Scout Centre. International volunteers work in this centre. The 3-day program was also held in English. I met not only Scouts from Romania, but also Scouts from Denmark, Argentina and France.
In June, I filled out an application for participating in the World Scout Conference as a volunteer. And they have chosen me to be part of the team :)
From 25th of July until 20th of August I have been in Azerbaijan and was a participant in a grandiose event.
There, I did different tasks: I held trainings for volunteers who were not scouts, I prepared materials for the conference, also prepared the halls and the exhibition, packed gifts and cleaned. All this happened in a wonderful team of international and local scouts. But the biggest challenge was to work at the information desk.
It was not an easy job because we had to answer a million questions in English. We had to answer fast and precise and sometimes it was defying. Because we worked well as a team it helped to cope with difficulties and to find the right words for answers.
I met many nice people on the WSC, and I made new friends from 20 different countries. Sometimes I still contact them with them via Skype.
Within these 3 months, I had 5 impressing scouting adventures, these adventures have been for me 5 steps on the way to realize my goal to speak English fluently and read that book.

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It was a wonderful journey for your to learn English. I hope you don't give up. Good luck.

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from Ukraine, 3 years ago


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