There is a section called "Remind me to submit updates". What does it means?

One important point for the success of your project is to keep it active during all its duration to show you are still working on it. The system will remind you to publish updates with the frequency you choose.

Basic information: Project Title: How to choose a “Project Title” or a name for my project?

The name of your project is the key to get the people's attention, to read further and click on your project to learn more about your project.

Be descriptive: Chose an awesome title to captivate your audience. Describe the benefits of your project in the title so your readers can then ask the next question: How do you do that? (And they enter into your campaign to find the answer!).

At the same time it has to be inspirational for the people to get exited and share it with their friends, all in one short sentence easy to remember!.

Your potential donors and visitors will probably find and recognize you by the name of your project so the name of your project will be like a brand.

Basic information: What is "The main image"of your project?

This is the image that will be associated to your project on the pages of the Platform. Choose a good image to give a graphic description of what would you like to achieve with your project or about the problem you would like to solve.

It's your big shot to catch the attention of the readers to invite them to read further and maybe become donors.

Basic information: What is the "Goal"?

The goal is the amount of money you would like to raise for your project.

Basic information: What is the “Start Date”?

This is the date on which you expect to start your project.

Basic information: When is the “End Date”?

This is the date you expect to end your project.

Basic information: What is the “Campaign Duration”?

This is the period of time (in days) in which the donors will be able to donate money to your project and in which you need to reach the set goal (e.i. USD 2500). This period starts once your NSO/NSA Administrator has approved the project and the project is published (you will receive an email notification when this happens). The length of your campaign could be up to 120 days.

Basic information: What is the “Number of participants”?

This is the total number of people taking part in your project. Count everyone onboard, Scouts and non Scouts, professionals or volunteers that are involved.

Basic information: What is the “Average number of service hours (per person)”?

To know the “Average number of service hours (per person)” you must count how many hours you and your team are working on your project and then divide it by the “Number of participants”.

Keep track of the time working for everyone from the pre-project to the end of the execution of the project itself. Everything counts so pay attention to the time you and your friends spend on planning the project, getting the materials you need, advertising your different actions, contacting potential donors, and of course the time you need to implement and run the project.

Basic information: What is the "Total service hours"?

This information will be automatically calculated by the system based on the "Number of participants" and the "Average number of service hours".

Basic information: What should be included in the Summary?

The summary is a short description of your project and it’s goal is to give an idea what your project is about.

Basic information: What is the “Primary topic”?

The “Primary topic” is the category that best fit the main goal of your project and under which your project will be listed on the platform.
The available categories are: Peace, community development, outdoors skills, personal progression, human rights, patrol system, dialogue, leadership, adult training, environment, service, health, life skills.

Basic information: Can I chose more than one “Primary topic”?

No, you can only choose one main category

Basic information: What is the “Secondary topic”?

One single project could involve more than one working area. In example: A peace project to promote dialogue within the members of a community may have "Peace" as primary topic and "Dialogue" and "community development" as secondary topic.

The available categories are the same you can choose as “Primary topic”: Peace, community development, outdoors skills, personal progression, human rights, patrol system, dialogue, leadership, adult training, environment, service, health, life skills.

Basic information: Can I choose more than one “Secondary topic”?

Yes, you can choose at most 5 secondary topics on a project. Think about all the categories that fit your project.

Basic information: Why should I define a Primary and secondary topic?

The primary and secondary topics are used to locate/search your project within the platform. As well as the location It helps potential donors to identify projects related to a particular cause they would like to support or helping scouts from a specific location.

Description: What should I write on the "Overview"?

Here you describe in general terms what your project is about, why you want to do the project and what you want to achieve with your project.

<b>Example: </b>

The project will provide training, tools, and transferable skills that will enable the groups to follow the youth programme and implement community projects. While funding is challenging in the region’s rural areas and townships, SCOUTS South Africa has 1,388 Scout units throughout the country which includes Eastern Cape.

During the Scout Group meetings we will help the participants develop valuable life skills such as: first aid, HIV/AIDS prevention, cooking nutritional meals on an open fire, fire safety, teamwork, leadership, and active citizenship. Moreover, the meetings aim to teach and promote personal values such as honesty, trustworthiness, and loyalty.

The five Scout groups we want to reach are based in the rural Eastern Cape region of South Africa. With funding, our 2017 Programme will be able to assist them in the following aspects:

1. Training
2. Service/Community Projects
3. Group Activities

Description: What is the"Benefits"?

Benefits is what will the community and/or Scouts get at the end of the project.


Training individuals is critical to the success of the project, ensuring that the programme is delivered accurately and to its best potential. The training is also wide-reaching as it would enable these individuals to use the skills gained within their own lives, at school, at work, at home or within their communities. The topics we will cover include leadership training, environmental and organisational skills, and project management. A Development officer will be assigned to support the adults in delivering the programme and help identify the needs of the

Service Projects:
The Group will choose one or more community projects to undertake, from which both the Scouts and their surrounding community will benefit. This could be a food garden, supporting an orphanage, an environmental project or a peer educational activity. Teaching children the concept of volunteerism and caring for others will empower them to improve the conditions within their communities. The Scouts, in this case, are not handed out the fish – but they develop the skills to be able to fish for themselves and teach and engage others.

Group Activities:
Handbooks and equipment will be provided for the weekly training of the Scouts and the Group will be able to have at least one camp. This strengthens the key learning method of Scouting which is learning by doing, and it also supports our Premier's Advancement of Youth programme.

Description: How to describe the "Impact"?

The impact is the measure of the tangible and intangible effects (consequences) you expect to produced with your project.

Description: What should I include on the “Risks”?

Think about the things that could go wrong during the preparation or the execution of the project and what can you do to prevent it. It could be related to the number of volunteers you need to recruit, climatic factors that could interfere on your plan, difficulties you could meet obtaining permits or authorizations necessary for certain activities etc.

Description: Who we are?

Present yourself (for individual projects) and/or your team. Describe who you are in a way that could be understood by Scouts and non Scouts.

Description: What should I include on "Capabilities"?

Here you explain the capacity, materials, and expertise you have and you will need in order to perform your project.

Locations: Can I add multiple locations to my project?

Yes, you can. Let's say you are a member of Scouts et Guides de France but your your project will be developed in Senegal, so you can add 1 location for France where your Scout group is based and another location for the execution of the project in Senegal. That will help the potential donors to find your project id they are looking for projects of Scouts of France or projects in Senegal.

Gallery: How can I publish pictures on the page of my project?

On the tab gallery click on "Upload Gallery Media", choose a picture from your computer or drag and drop it on the window, then click on "upload".

Gallery: How to upload a video?

In this case your need to publish your video on YouTube first and list it as "public". Then, on the "Tab Gallery" choose the option: "Upload Gallery Media" and "video" on the top of the windows. Copy there the link to your video on YouTube and click "Add".

Preview: What is it?

On this tab you can see how you campaign and your project will look like after been published. Take a look and see if it looks good or you need to change anything to make it look amazing!

What kind of options do I have to "Save" my project?

On the top of the page you will find the button "Save". Use it often to save the progress of your project. Take your time to make it looks great. You can save the current progress to continue writing later.

I started writing my project and I saved it. Where can I find it?

If you click on your picture to see your profile you will find an option called: "My Projects", click on it and you will find your project listed as a "Draft".

I finished my project but it is still listed as "Draft". How can I get it published on the Scout Donation Platform?

Ones you are sure your project is ready click on the option "Request Approval". Your project will be automatically sent to the NSO/NSA Administrator to be approved and then it will be ready to start the campaign and collect donations.
You will receive a notification upon approval and your project will be displayed on the Platform.

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