Who can Submit a project?

Anyone who is a recognized member of a NSO/NSA as well as the regional and world bodies of the WOSM.

What is required from a NSO/NSA to use the platform?

The platform is open to all NSOs/NSAs, however a NSO/NSA has the option to opt-out of the platform. To be able to make full use of the platform, each NSO/NSA has to appoint an NSO/NSA Administrator that will review and approve the national and/or local projects prior their publishing on the platform, and facilitate all communication on project related matters.

Once the National Administrator has assumed his/her role, the platform will be available to the members of the NSO/NSA to start collecting donations for their projects.

Who determines if an NSO/NSA participates on the platform?

The NSO/NSA determinates if they participate on the platform. If the NSO/NSA determines to not participate on the platform it means that no projects of this NSO/NSA and its local members can be published on the platform and thus no donations can be collected. However, their members can still be active on the platform as individual donors or supporters. 

Which NSOs/NSAs are active on the Scout Donation Platform?

The following NSOs/NSAs are already welcome to submit their project as they already.

The complete list of NSOs/NSAs will be published ASAP

What do I need to do to be eligible to raise donations through the platform?

First, you must be a current member of an active NSO/NSA recognized by WOSM. Then, you must agree to actively participate to promote your project to raise donations to reach your target, keep your project active by publishing frequent general updates on the project page, running your project as promised to the donors, and submit your final report at the end of your project.

Which kind of projects can be published on the Scout Donation Platform?

Any kind of project you would like to do with your Scouts as part of your Scout Program. From a high impact community service project, to a project that raises money to buy new tents for your next summer camp!

Can I submit my Scouts of The World Award’s project to raise donations?

Yes! Go Ahead!

Can I submit my Messengers of Peace project to raise donations?

Sure! This is part of the Scout program so your project is eligible.

The roof of our Scout House is damaged. Can we submit a project to cover the repair costs of our facilities?

Yes! You can! Getting your Scout House in good condition is essential for the scouts to be safe and enjoying their activities.

Can I submit a national level project?

Yes! In this case it should be submitted by your NSO. You can only submit projects on the level you are involved. 
For example: If you are a District Commissioner and at the same time you are a Scout leader you can submit a project for your District or your Scout Unit.

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