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Independence Day Reading Rally with a "Mobile Library"

17th Aug 2014

A dozen Reading Volunteer (Adult) Scouts from STIKKU College in Kuningan, as part of Kuningan's Prabuhi Team were commemorating our Independence Day today by reading rally with their #PraLibMo or a "Mobile (Small) Library"
Started at 7 am so they can hold the Flag Ceremony in the same time as the President in Capital City, they use motor bikes to reach a small mountain, creating Flag pole, and hold the ceremony. Afterward, they open the small box contained books in their Mobile Library and let the kids in the village to read the books, they also read them to some.
The project was ended at 3 pm.

Comments (7)

Dear Sister Atta
What a wonderful and excellent activity for İndependence. The place is aldo brst fit For Yunga forest Challenge of UN . now you looks like made half of action of A.01 . Plesa note thet these activities may be very halpful yo your scouts who have broken Englih. All act,ons have a few lines and the scout have a will to get the certificate (free) I can get 10 badges for a patrol who finish tha challenge first. I will send the actions to make the badge work
yotus in scouting

thank you, brother :)
kindly wait and see what will we do next ;)

your photos show the scouts who are in photos looks lıke made following activity "Flag ceremony"

c.04 outdoor adventures What are some different recreational activities you can do in the forest (e.g. camping,
hiking, rock climbing, cooking, etc.)? Write down all your ideas. Choose three activities and create an illustrated guide of things to wear or to bring with you for these activities. Carry out at least one of these activities with them.

you need to finish 2 Activities each on five areas. One compulsery one srlrvtion out of many following activities goos for scouts A.01, A.05, A,07,A,10, B.01, B.04, C.01, c.02, C.03, C.04, C.10, D01, D.02 , E.01, E.02, E.03 And many activities given from the following book

Thank u Mr.Umit Savas for your support

Brother Savas, I didn't find the A.01 ... or did I failed searching :( in the booklet activity is only showed A.02

Here it is
A.01 (All ages) ta ke a hike Go for a hike in the forest. Along the ay, collect items that you think represent important parts of a forest. A pebble, a pinch of dirt, some dried leaves, a few twigs, an old snakeskin or some feathers lying on the forest floor can respectively represent a forest’s rocks and boulders, its soil, bushes, trees, reptiles and birds. Use your imagination to find other items to represent more things that you can see, smell, hear or feel – such as the wind, water or insects. After the hike, create a forest collage with all the items that your group collected. Talk about what each of the items represents and why each one is important.
Don’t pick and eat any plants because some poisonous plants look very similar to non-poisonous ones. Also
some plants are rare and should not be harmed.Don’t collect living creatures; draw a picture instead.
Always remember to wash your hands afterwards.
if you have dangers for people in a forest where you are going to work the pretraining very important

That A.01 surely we can do!
Afterward we report it to? or just tag YUNGA facebook account in the reports?

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