Story of Polish summer camp.

All good things come to an end.

It's been some time since we have arrived from our camp in Biały Brzeg. We spent there 3 weeks - these were 3 weeks of the hard work. During this time we have done a lot of things, starting from pioneering work, througt a lot of diffrent activities, and on great campfire finishing.

We would like to present you the story of our camp written by one of our scouts Olga. Hope something might interest you here. Enjoy!

"Hi Guys!
I’m Olga and I want to tell you something about our polish scout camp. This year our team went to Biały Brzeg (it’s name of place – in English it sounds like “White Coast). We travelled there about 3 hours. On the beginning of every camp is pioneering work – we’re organizing place, where we spend next 3 weeks of camp. Axes, saws and nails are very important things during this time. We’re projecting gate, fencing camp and making facilities, for example racks, a notice board or refuse bin. And of course we’re setting up tents. Pioneering work usually takes few days. After it starts more interesting (at least for me) part of camp – plot. Plot on camp is similar to plot in film or book. We imagine that we are in fantastic place, or we must solve mysterious matter. This year it turned out, that only place all over the world, which isn’t contamination after nuclear war is Biały Brzeg, in brief BB. Participants of camp try to become colonizers this place, fighting with mutants and anomalies. Leaders impersonate main characters, for example scientists and mutants. We were doing this during activities. Everybody likes diffrent activities, so I asked few persons, which activities they remembered the most.
Zuzia: “My favorite activities were about sneaking. They were developing and useful. We could use acquired skills.”
Iga: “I remember activity, when we divided into 2 groups: reconnaissance and fighting. First group went to search area, and second was fighting with mutants. Our mission was to capture 3 bases and beat mutants. There was one more activity: on our contamination place arrived mysterious person – well, in fact he was captured by one of sentinels. To get information from him, we had to pass 3 trials: trial of observation, trial of sneaking and trial of intelligence. It was nice too.”
Maciek: I enjoyed most activities, for example where we had to crack a code to crypt and steal mutant’s chest. These were interestingly done.
Emi: “During some activities we had to check, if in tap water, mineral water and river water is given element. Fighting with a mutant was cool. And catching mutant to get information about contamination as well.”
But camp isn’t only pleasant plot. Camp is also caring about safety and comfort another people. It is service. Always one of patrols (this year we had 3 patrols: 2 female and 1 male) is service patrol. It means that members of this patrol have more work than rest of participants. They have to lay the table before meal and clean after it, care tidy of quad and agree between themselves schedule of daily guards. Daily guards take about 1 hour, it need one person. There are also night guards, but they are spread among all participants of camp. Night guard is stood in pairs. It takes 2 hours and 15 minutes, there are 4 guards at night. Last guard lasts to 7.a.m., then one of sentinel goes to wake up one of leaders. After it, starts next camp day. Now is warm-up, beginning of cleaning tents and breakfast. Next is assembly. It is important moment at daily program. Leader of service patrol is giving back service to next patrol could get it. Anthem of ZHP is sung and polish flag is run up to flagstaff. After assembly starts morning activities. Next is dinner and after-dinner break. After it are afternoon activities. Next is supper and evening activities (it can be a campfire) . When they are finished, we have preparation to lights-out. Before it, person, who was running up the flag, must pull it off. Rest of us is singing evening anthem. After it everybody can go to sleep (of course apart from leaders, who will be talking about past day and plan of next day). Then only sentinels don’t sleep – they ARE PREAPARED!
And this is how our camp passes. 3 weeks aren’t long a time. Last day comes very fast. This day is so much work – we must leave our camp like we get to it. This day we have anti-pioneering work: we take to pieces our racks, gate and facilities. Our scout tradition at last night is huge campfire, called ‘watra’ This campfire last all night, we are sitting around it, singing songs, talking and laughing. Also this night those, who passed the trials, achieves scout grade. This year ‘watra’ was as fantastic as always. I like this moment, because I realize, that people, who are here, are my real friends. Till then I realize, that so long living with them is finishing this night. It is maybe sad, but gives a hope, that I will experience it one more time, next year. It is something I love in scouting.
I talked you about our camp, as well as I could. I wish that if you could, you will go with us to our polish camp. "

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