Written by: Adnan Jasar, scout group „Igman 92“, Sarajevo

Members of scout group „Igman 92“ have implemented previously organized action Tusila - Blatacko lake, along with scouts from Belgium. More specifically „Igman 92“ had the role of a guide and their assignment was to bring a group of 40 scouts from Belgium to Blatacko lake, over Bjelasnica. Scouts have set up camp in Tusila, specifically at the entrance of the canyon.
Day before departure to Blatacko lake, scouts had two excursions.
The first excursion was in the morning, after breakfast, and the goal was the peak above the camp known as „Prut“. It is possible to reach that peak across Bobovica village, which is located about half an hour from the camp, and then through a marked route which goes from the village up to the top. Peak „Prut“ at 1411 meters above the sea level, belongs to Visocica Hill, and builds a certain part of the Rakitnica canyon. The tour lasted for about two hours and scouts successfully returned to camp.
The second trip was in the afternoon and scouts were sent in the Rakitnica canyon. Their goal was to explore the canyon and the tiny River Rakitnica. The Rakitnica canyon is otherwise one of the deepest in Europe and the length is about 26 kilometers. The canyon itself separates Visocica and Bjelasnica, and it contains endemic species of flora and fauna. At the entrance to the canyon the river Rakitnica and stream Tusila combine and continue their journey through the canyon to entering the river Neretva. Above the river rises a high cliff on which the bravest Belgian Scouts with the help of alpinist friends perfected their rock-climbing skills. After descending down the cliff they continued journey through incredibly beautiful canyon and came to the first of the three straits in the canyon, Butur passage, and in the middle of the Studeni stream which is one of the biggest attractions of the canyon. All scouts well endured the trail and successfully returned to camp.
Everyone got up early and after putting down the tent camp we went on the trail to Blatacko lake. The trail went through the village Umoljani, where the first break was after the first 5 kilometers of hard times in the sun. Soon after the rest we continued our journey across Gradina, Crveni klanac and Dugo polje where we made a break for lunch. Refreshed with cold water and quite rested we continued through Hajvaz and Sisan field, where we had our third break after which we continued through Delic field to Jelicin well where we make our fourth short break and take fresh water, and come to Blatacko lake. The trail was long and exhausting and lasted around eight hours in the sun with the already mentioned breaks, but in the end we reached our objective and destination. After a rest and arrival of logistics, scouts put up their camp placed on the edge of the canyon just above the Blatacko lake.
This day was used primarily for rest from the trail of the day before, but tireless scouts decided to visit the peak Veliki Lisac, which is at 1504 meters above the sea level. Once we got back, we continued with the development of the camp, as the Belgian scouts plan to stay five days and do part of their program. Two scouts, who are also alpinists, from the Netherlands had all the necessary equipment and in the afternoon they decided to descend into the Rakitnica canyon and to cross a certain part in their canoes. The trail led them to Krupac (Kasica port) where they mantled canoes and descended to Dzehenem (Hell), where they were forced to exit the river and come back to the camp. We found out that they are impressed by the beauty and wildness of the Rakitnica canyon and the general area in which they passed the three previous days, as well as other Belgian scouts who plan to continue the trail to Boracko lake, after which they will return to Belgium.
Members of scout group Igman 92 have to leave scouts from Belgium as they plan to travel to the Montenegro national Jamboree and leave them to enjoy nature and wilderness of Rakitnica canyon and Bjelasnica. We wish them a pleasant stay and of course a happy journey home

Here are some pictures, but if you want to see more please click on the link below...

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Can you share with us how it went please thank you

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from Bosnia and Herzegovina, 6 years ago

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