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  • 24. мая 2014

Exhausted & devastated but Proud to be scout today!

After almost all day helping with my scout Unit in rescue centar FMP in Belgrade I can say that this is the worst thing I ever seen in my life.These people were coming almost naked, wet, looking for another people from their families. Old people,sick, ladies with kids but without husbands! In that moment we did realize that all their life than was just in one plastic bag.That was all they had.
We as a scouts did help as much as we could.We did talk to them,ask if they have some relatives to go to them or no, than we did give them some food, dry and clean clothe, medical care if needed, and later they were transported to some other places to sleep...That first night we had mostly ladies with babies and kids and old and sick people.They were so stressed and lost and cold so we had a lot of work to try to help them and to organize that first night for them.
Scout from different scouts groups were there in 3 shifts for a few days. Some of us did sort clothe, some did make little packages for first aid with food and some necessary things, some did work with people. Also some of our scouts are students of medical science so they were helping doctors too.
Since we were not only organization at that first rescue shelter we had a bit difficulties to coordinate everything but I can say that we have done great job…and people were so happy to see us and to get some help in such a hard sitiation.

May 18th At least was sunny and not so cold so that helped.This afternoon we had less people came than yesterday,but still a lot of work.
There is so much food and clothes and other things for first aid, but now we have problem with organizing, sorting and giving that to people.These people were in a bit better condition because they are evacuated from higher floors so they were not wet, they just did come down from their apartments....Old people with no family or relatives, the social workers were trying to put them in elderly people houses.
People are good and nice, ready for cooperation, they listen to us, they are so nice and when we offer food or some other packet for 1-2 day they are shame to take and ask if there is enough for all. Also we have opposite kind of people who are taking as much as they can
All in all still so hard and sad but our mission is to help in such a hard and devastating sitiations.
Well done scouts….Proud of all of you….

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