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Zambarau Moot #26 - Australia!

15. Mayo 2014

(Every week, I interview a new Scout or Guide from around the world to learn more about how Scouting or Guiding impacts on their life)

Guiding and Scouting sometimes are the same organisation, and sometimes not. In places like Australia where they are separate organisations, some girls choose to do both. Tumblr User @dancingfool121 started with Guiding at six, added Scouting to the mix at 15, and is heavily involved as an Olave Guide and a Rover Scout – aside from everything else she is committed to on a regular basis. But coming to this point was only a natural evolution to her, she says. “My parents were both part of Guides/Scouts so for them it was logical to put me in. I started Rovers last year but despite having wanting to join since I was 10 my mum thought to follow tradition and keep girls in Guides and boys in Scouts.”. However, once she started earning an income to support herself, she was able to start paying to do both – and did.

RSP: What do you feel that you get out of each (organisation)?

DF121: Guides gives me an ingrained support network because I've been there for so long with similar aged people, and opportunities are passed my way because people know I'd take them seriously. Scouts I've had to put myself out there more because I'm not automatically thought of for things and I like that, I've had to find the right activities to join.

RSP: Like what?

DF121: I went on a Leadership seminar through Guides last year, and I was told as I was going through the process that our State Olave Program manager would have pushed for me to go because she knew I would have got as much as I did out of it. After joining Rovers and attending a few (State Rover Councils) I heard about working on Roventure 2014, so I put my hand up and that was on my initiative not having someone else suggest it

Shifting views of each other organisation mean that @dancingfool121 doesn’t encounter too many strange looks for doing both. But there are still interesting differences that are noticeable when you do both Scouting and Guiding. “When meeting with Olave - if we don't have at least three members we cancel the meeting. Whereas in Rovers we don't cancel we just adjust our plans accordingly.”

RSP: Adjust how?

DF121: We didn't really have solid plans so we played frisbee and footy for a while before going to get ice cream.

Being involved with both organisations, @dancingfool121 is involved in a lot of service activities but notices distinct differences in the way that Scouts and Guides do it. Olave members do service as individuals as much as possible, whereas Rovers work more in Crews together to do service. Doing either allows you to do Gang Show – something that @dancingfool121 enjoys immensely. But doing both Scouting and Guiding is of significant importance to @dangingfool121 – Scouting because of the history that is being made, Guiding because of who it has made her to be today, and both because of the people she has come to know and rely on as her family.

RSP: What kind of history do you want to make?

DF121: I want to be someone that little kids look up to and think 'if she can do it, I can too'. I think that's really important I want to be the reason that someone reaches their dreams.

Thanks @dancingfool121 
- - - - - - - - - -
A little background information: @dancingfool121 is a member of Girl Guides Australia and Scouts Australia, the WAGGGS and WOSM affiliates of Australia respectively.

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maybe u could interview me I live in Sunbury Victoria

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@yolomcswaginns101 - I am always looking for more people to interview :)

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