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  • 14. Мар 2014

This are some of ethnic groups in the Gambia. Mandingo, Wolof, jola, fula, but we get others this are the beigest ethnic groups. The land area of the Gambia is approximately 10,689,28 square kilometers, is the smallest country on main-land Africa apart from the island countries . The Gambia is bounded to the west by the Atlantic ocean and all other sides by Senegal. The Gambia is colonies by British, I will be happy to see you in my country. Some ethnic languages. Jerejef is mean thank you in Wolof language in Mandingo is mean abaraka, jama ngama mean good morning in Wolof in Mandingo is I sama. How are you? mean jamaga-am? In Wolof in Mandingo is I be nyadi? SOME FOOD COOKING IN THE GAMBIA 1)DOMODA. 2)BENACHIN. Ingredients use for Domoda Smoth peanut butter, onion, water, lemons, bitter tomatoes, fish or chicken, pumpkin, tomato paste, salt and pepper to taste . Cooking method of domoda 1) wash and cut meat or fish into size pieces. 2) in a cooking pan, boil the meat or fish, onion and fresh tomatoes in water for 10 minutes. 3) add peanut butter and other ingredients boil it. 4) reduce heat after 10 minutes. 5) serve with plain boiled rice. Ingredients use for benachin 1) fresh fish. 2) vegetable oil. 3) water. 4) tomato. 5) tomato paste. 6) large onion. 7)cabbage. 8) carrots. 9) rice. 10) salt and pepper. Cooking method of benachin 1) clean and cut fish in halves. 2) fry the fish in the vegetable oil until both sides are brown. 3) remove fish and add onion, fresh tomato and paste to the hot oil and fry it until brown. 4) pour water and bring to boil, then include cabbage, carrots, bay leaf, add seasonings, reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes. 5) remove vegetables and add rise while continuously stirring. 6) reduce heat and cover the pot. Simmer for 10 mins. Ingredients for plasas SOME MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS IN THE GAMBIA 1)KORA=this is a twenty-one stringed instrument played by Mandingo professional musicians . it is one half of a calabash with strings attached to a piece of wood. 2) BALAFON=it has between 16 and 19 keys with small calabashes underneath. This is probably the first musical instrument used by Mandingo griots. 3) DRUM=this is a musical instrument common to all ethnic groups in the Gambia. It is made of wood and covered with animal skin. Some GAMBIA PROVERBS 1) A sorrel comes out with its bitterness. Meaning you grow up the way you are trained. 2) A bird never puts a bad insect in its young’s mouth. meaning A parent will not give wrong advice to his child. 3) If you call your son a king, you will be first to pay tax to him. Meaning If you don’t discipline your child, you will be the first to suffer from his actions. Thank you this is some of the thing but you lot are in which I will write it next time

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