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What do scouts in France do in their meetings?

26. Feb 2014

Hi I'm Callum, a Scout from Edinburgh, Scotland. I'd like to find out about Scouts in France. What do you do in your meetings? How often do you meet? Do you go camping? What badges are you working on? What do you like best about Scouting? What is your uniform like? How old are you? Can boys and girls be Scouts together? Please get in touch!

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Hello Callum,
I am Benoit. I was cub scout, boy scout et ranger scout when I was younger and I was leader scout for 10 years. Explain French scoutism will be quite complicated but I 'll try to do it.
First, you have to know that in France, there is not 1 association but more than 50!!! In France, when some don't like something, he make strike and create a new association. If you like, I could explain to you the differences between the main associations but in an other mail, it would be too long here. For the moment, I will just speak about the main association, the one which is recognized by the OMMS : "Le scoutisme français" (nearly 75000 scouts, the other big association "L'association des scouts et guide d'Europe", nearly 50000 scouts)
Into the "scoutisme français", theire is one association for each main religions :
• Scout et guide de France : 70 000 scouts (Catholique)
• Eclaireures et éclaireur de France : 9000 scouts (Laïc)
• Eclaireurs unionistes de France : 5000 scouts (Protestant)
• Eclaireur et Eclaireuse judaiste de France : 4000 scouts (Jewish)
• Scouts Musulman de France : 4000 scouts (Muslim)
We meet nearly twice a month on Sunday and if the weather is good enough we try to camp a week-end in September (for the first meeting of the year), October and every month between march and June. Then we go camping during summer between 5 days (beavers) and 1 month (rovers scouts).
We generally chose a theme for 3 month and leaders scout organize activates related to those theme. Some theme example : The cooking, Robin wood, the secrets of the Viking...
During our 1 day meeting we generally start by a religious office and then we have activities adapted with the weather.
For example, during winter we have handcraft activities in our local, we do ice skate, animation in nursing house or hunt in museum.
During spring and summer, we generally play outside
• 6-8 y/o : farfadet (beavers)
• 8-11 y/o : Louveteaux (boys) / Jeanettes (girls) (cub scout)
• 12-14 y/o : Scouts (boys) / Guides (girls) (boys and girl scout)
• 15-18 y/o : Pionnier (boys) / Caravelles (girls) (rangers scout ?)
• 18-21 y/o : Compagnons (rover scout ?)
There is nearly 24 children by unity : 2x6 girls and 2x6 boys. The groups of 6 children stay and live together during 1 year. Everyone have some responsibility in this group and try to obtain badges related to his responsibilities.
There is 6 main theme of badge :
• Relation to self  Mean be a trusted person and have the courage to speak in public
• Relation to others / friends  Mean be good with family and friends
• Relationship to the world  Mean curiosity and try to be a citizen of the world
• Relation to the body  Mean make sport and try to keep a good health
• Relation to emotions  Mean be able to express his emotions
• Spirituality
It would be too long to give you example of things we can do for each age and theme badge but is you ask for, I can develop some examples
Few years ago, a great French fashion designer, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, create the new French scout uniform. French scout uniform is compound by a shirt and a scarf/foulard. There is one color of shirt by age :
• 6-8 y/o : Apple green
• 8-11 y/o : Orange
• 12-14 y/o : Blue
• 15-18 y/o : Red
• 18-21 y/o : Dark green
• Administratif : Purple
For the scraf, each group chose the colors when they are create
I hope that I answer some of your questions and I remain at your disposal (my email is : ) l if you need more information for example about :
• The differences between all the associations
• The way to obtain badges
• Example of activities
• Other
Best regard

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