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Do we Need Messengers Of peace????

31. Дек 2013

...Especially in Developing Countries is there any need of messengers of peace

Answers (2)

Hi Nyatto5. I a very fair question and I'm glad you raise it. This means you have been in contact with some Messenger of Peace initiative and you are thinking about it. Before answering you I will share two questions similar to yours: Do we need to serve others? My answer is yes, we need to serve others because no matter my current condition, by helping someone else I not only support someone in need, which is obviusly the main objective of my action; by helping others I also can offer myself, my talents, my time, my ideas. No matter how small my contribution is, it has a huge value and I can make a difference in someones life. Specially in developing countries, people who gets involved in service actions, develops a sense of achievement, get connected with new ideas and apporaches, get empowered by the sole action of contributing to achieve something done, learn about effort and succes. In developing countries the challenge is far bigger but the opportunity to develop new ideas and perspectives is needed everywhere. Big things start from small consistent efforts. The other question I ask myself is: as Scouts and individuals, what is our legacy? Whatt are we building today to create a better future for us, the youth in my coummunity oru families. Any action to help others trigers a wider effect in societies, Scouts can do that, by daily actions, good turns or more complex projects.

Going back to your question, Messengers of Peace is triying to activate the service attitude in our young people and leaders, to become active citizens, to participate and get engaged in community solutions, to learn from others and share your expertise and ideas to empower young people in other countries. There are many frameworks in scoouting promoting this, Messengers of peace is one of them, but being a Messenger of Peace is not only for Scouts... any person can become a Messenger of peace by helping others. Scouts can encourage other people to have a possitive reaction and get engaged in service activities without beeing a scout. This means, we want to create a wider human network, involving anybody willing to make a difference. We scouts have the priviledge and duty to make our world better.

In developing countries might be a smaller start but still is a huge step, and your action will be part of something far bigger as global human effort to change the world. Do we need service: YES, do we need to start building a legacy: YES. How you will do it and how you will do it and how you will invite others, there are many ways. Do we need MOP? You will find the best answer for your country and we will be here to support you in any effort when the time is right.

My best wishes.

Madam marquez has said it all and I agree with her. Being a messenger of peace is like making commitment to change and we all know what is expected of us whenever we make a commitment to something. and as scouts, being a messenger of peace always reminds you of your honour, your promise, scout method, motto, and slogan which are very important in the life of a scout. so I will say yes we need messengers of peace sir.

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