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TOWARDS VALUES OF LIFE. Life based on Scout Law and Principals

10th Dec 2013

“Life based on Scout Law and Principals”
Project Owner: The League of Scouts of Mozambique – LEMO (Liga dos Escuteiros de Moçambique)
Target Group: Groups of young people, girls and boys, aged 10 to 15 years old from selected priority communities and/or considered to be vulnerable to marginalisation, drugs, and STD and HIV infections.
Project Location: Maputo: Maputo, Boane, Matutuine; Gaza: Bilene, Chicualacuala, Massingir; Inhambane: Homoine, Zavala; Vilanculos;
Project Duration: 3 (three) years. If necessary, the project will be extended.
Project Budget: Budget proposal will be send to sponsors if required. The budget is split into three parts: 2013, 2014 and 2015;
Project Goal: The project, directed at young people out of school aged 12 to 15 in the communities, is aimed at promoting behaviours that will make them prevent unwanted pregnancies, STD, or HIV infections. It is also hoped that solidarity and non-discriminatory spirit shall be strengthened, as well as the reduction of the rate of alcohol and drug abuse among youth, conditions conducive to the spread of the pandemic.
Overall Objective: To undertake actions for life skills health education and promotion in the field of sexual health and AIDS among the out-of-school youth, in communities in areas or in neighbourhoods.
Specific Objectives:
 To promote co-operation among Scouts, community and government in order to prevent and fight AIDS, including the reduction of drug and alcohol abuse among the youth.
 To train the Scouts who will conduct a like skills programme for out of school young people and community education towards the national endeavours of preventing and fighting HIV/AIDS.
Special attention will be given to:
 The support to communities to support young people to develop and practice life skills and healthy choices about their lives and to create the most appropriate environment for it.
 creating a youth culture which includes issues of healthy life relations, including delaying of sexual activities, initiation of healthy sexuality, prevention of unwanted pregnancies that also influence prevention of other sexual health concerns;
 the links of all youth training sessions in the communities, as a progressive process of acquisition of personal/individual knowledge, with the immediate result of acquiring scouts’ badges through the implementation of the project.
 Development of scouts in accordance with Programs and Methods that will enable them, peer educators, to constructively deal with real life situations, which directly or indirectly are linked to the sexual health and HIV/AIDS issues.
 Solving local community problems through training in order to provide youth friendly services.
 Fighting Drugs Abuse : The value system based on scouts law leaves no room for use of illicit substances among the scouts and through its programmes and actions as contained in the handouts and Manuals of the Community and Family Education project, LEMO aims to :
* Reduce the incidence and prevalence of the use of illicit substances amongst the youth and teenagers.
* Build the capacity of scouts’ leaders to face and deal with situations, directly and indirectly, are linked to the use of those substances.
* Support group leaders in designing, implementing and evaluating actions or interventions that highlight the importance of prevention.
End-of-Project Expected Outcomes:
 Reduced incidence of HIV/AIDS infection among the youth;
 Healthy sexual behaviours in practice by the youth, more awareness of the danger of “pleasure from challenging risks”
 More youths with practical knowledge required to challenge pressure from peer groups. No involvement with
 DRUGS (mainly injecting drugs – vector for HIV transmission);
 ALCOHOL (inducer to irresponsible attitudes or risky behaviour) or;
 Sexual work and child abuse;
 Open and frank communication among girls and boys, friends, youths, their parents and community;
 Youths more informed about and aware of their emerging sexuality, able to deal with their curiosity towards it and the first sexual experiences and equipped with practical knowledge to help them to delay the start of sexual activity.

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