News about Tanzania Scouts Association and Events for 2016 - 2017

About Tanzania Scouts Association:

The Tanzania Scouts Association (TSA) is a non-governmental organization existing since pre independence with scouting activities in Tanzania mainland since 1917. TSA was officially registered by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania in 1968 under the Trustees Incorporation Act (CAP. 318 – R.E. 2002). The TSA is a registered member of the World Organization of Scout Movement (WOSM) at case postal 241, 1211 Geneva 4 Switzerland. The TSA is operating in the country under the guidance and support of World Scout Bureau Africa Support Centre which is in Nairobi, Kenya carrying out WOSM duties.

The TSA is a high profile organization whose Patron is the President of the United Republic of Tanzania by succession. The Tanzania National Scout Council which is the supreme decision making body is led by the Minister in charge of Education as its President. On behalf of the National Scout Council, the day to day performance of the Association is monitored by the National Executive Committee which is composed of uniform and non-uniform members.

The Uniformed Scouts are led by The Chief Scout (CS). Under the Chief Scout is the Associations accounting Officer, The Chief Commissioner (CC). The Chief Scout Commissioner and his Assistants form the National Steering Committee which performs the Management of the association through its Secretariat. The Chief Commissioner is also assisted by Regional and District Scout Commissioners throughout the country.

The TSA is an organization run by volunteers, however the day to day administration at the TSA Headquarter is performed by salaried staff of professionals who forms the National Scout Secretariat under the supervision of the National Executive Commissioner.

The Associations has recently revised its Strategic Plan 2014-2017 and came up with new five years Strategic Plan for the period from 2016 to 2020 which has been aligned to the Triennials Plans of WOSM (2014-2017;2017-2020 and 2020-2023) towards achieving the WOSM Vision 2023.The new WOSM vision states that “By 2023 Scouting will be the world’s leading educational youth movement, enabling 100 million young people to be active citizens creating positive change in their communities and in the world based on shared values”.

The TSA new Strategic Plan has the objective to provide a road map for the smooth execution of the TSA mission of contributing to the education of young people, through a value system based on the Scout Promise and Law, to help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in the society.

The Tanzania Scouts Association will celebrate its 100 years in 2017 by hosting a Centenary Jamboree in June/July 2017. In commemorating its 100 years celebrations, TSA has been nominated by the Africa Scout Bureau to host the Africa Scout Day in March, 2017 as part of activities to commemorate its 100 years of operations in Tanzania.

As part of milestones towards achieving quality and good scouting, and line with best practice in good governance, the TSA invites all former scouts, scouters, friends in scouting, Veterans and Stakeholders to join us in hands as we start our journey proceeding to Arusha and later on to the Highest Mountain in Africa. The Kilimanjaro…

2. Why Its Happening At Arusha?
Arusha Region is one of Tanzania's 30 administrative regions. Its capital and largest city is the city of Arusha. The region is bordered by Kajiado County and Narok County in Kenya to the north, the Kilimanjaro Region to the east, the Manyara and Singida regions to the south, and the Mara and Simiyu regions to the west.

Major towns include Monduli, Namanga, Longido, and Loliondo to the north, Mto wa Mbu and Karatu to the west, and Usa River to the east. Nearby airport Is Kilimanjaro International Airport.
Arusha Region is a global tourist destination and is the center of the northern Tanzania safari circuit. The national parks and reserves in this region include Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Arusha National Park, the Loliondo Game Controlled Area, and part of Lake Manyara National Park.

Remains of 600-year-old stone structures are found at Engaruka, just off the dirt road between Mto wa Mbu and Lake Natron.

Much of the present area of Arusha Region used to be Maasai land. The Maasai are still the dominant community in the region their influence is reflected in the present names of towns, regional culture, cuisine, and geographical features.
Arusha is one among the most developed regions of Tanzania, which has many tourism attraction centres.

3. History of Scouting in Tanzania

Scouting in present Tanzania started in Zanzibar in 1912 and in mainland Tanganyika in 1917. The TSA became a member of WOSM in 1963.

1982 - 1st Tanzania National Scouts Jamboree took place at Shinyanga.
1986 – 2nd Tanzania National Scouts Jamboree took place at Arusha.
1991 – 3rd Tanzania National Scouts Jamboree took place at Dodoma.
1995 – 4th Tanzania National Scouts Jamboree took place at Iringa.
2005 – 5th Tanzania National Scouts Jamboree took place at Geza Ulole D’salaam.
2009 – 6th Tanzania National Scouts Jamboree took place at Songwe Hill Mbeya.

2017 – 7th Tanzania National Scouts Jamboree and the Centenary Celebrations to
take place at Arusha as from 28th June till 8th July 2017.

1984 Tanzania hosted the 6th Africa Region Scout Conference.

2008 – Tanzania Scouts Association hosted Eastern African Zonal Scouts Competitions
at Bahati Camp Morogoro.

2011 Tanzania Scouts Association hosted Eastern African Zonal Scouts Competitions
at Bagamoyo Coast Region.

2016 Tanzania Scouts Association will host Eastern African Zonal Scouts Competitions

2017 Tanzania Scouts Association will host Africa Scout Day at Arusha in 8th till 13th March

Scouting Program

Besides the traditional Scouting program, TSA is deeply involved in community development and has special programs for the prevention of AIDS.

The aim of Scouting in Tanzania is to develop the spirit of Ujamaa and self-reliance. Ujamaa is the concept of family ties within the social order. The program emphasizes learning by doing, community development, and nature conservation, particularly in rural areas.

The badge system is entirely adapted to the interests and needs of Tanzanian Scouts. The highest award is the President's Scout. Charles Ambrose, Farhad Shivji and Shafik Fazal from the Aga Khan Scouts - 1st Dar-Es-Salaam Group, were among the first 10 Scouts to be awarded the President's Scout badge by the President of the Republic, Dr. Ali Hassan Mwinyi in August 1992 at Magila Village in Tanga region, the site where Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the Scout movement, enrolled the first Tanganyika Scouts in 1938.

There is an active cooperation between Scouts and Girl Guides and with other youth organizations in celebrating national festivals, rendering services in villages and occasionally in courses, seminars and training camps. Scouts and Girl Guides often work together in community development projects, which are frequently supported by Scout organizations from other countries. One such project, with support from Norway, is establishing small rural industries and providing agricultural training.

Religious factions:

Tanzania Catholic Conference of Scouting was affiliated in 2008. It comprises catholic scouts from 34 dioceses of Catholic Church in Tanzania. TCCS is a member of International Catholic Conference of Scouting.

We also have Muslims scouts. The Islamic Scouts is a member of International Union of Muslim Scouts.

Scout Motto

The Scout Motto is Be Prepared or Uwe Tayari in Swahili.

Scout Promise
Kwa yamini yangu, naahidi kwamba nitajitahidi kadiri ya uwezo wangu, kutimiza wajibu wangu kwa Mungu na Taifa langu, kuwasaidia watu siku zote, na kutimiza Kanuni za Skauti.

On my honour, I promise that I will do my best, to do my duty to God and to my nation; to help other people at all times and to keep the Scout Law.

Scout Law
i. Heshima ya Skauti ni kuwa muamifu
ii. Skauti ni mzalendo kamili
iii. Skauti ni mtu wa kufaa na kusaidia wengine
iv. Skauti ni rafiki kwa wote na ndugu kwa kila Skauti
v. Skauti ni mwenye adabu kamili
vi. Skauti ni mwenye huruma kwa viumbe
vii. Skauti ni mtiifu daima
viii. Skauti ni mchangamfu daima
ix. Skauti ni mwangalifu wa mali zake na za wengine pia
x. Skauti ni safi katika mawazo, maneno, na matendo yake

+ Skauti si mjinga na mjinga sio skauti (ilisemwa na Baba wa Taifa Mwl. Julius K. Nyerere Rais wa Kwanza wa Tanzania na Mlezi wa Chama cha Skauti Tanzania ) mwaka 1975 wakati alipotembelea Makao Makuu ya Skauti jijini D’salaam na kukutana skauti pamoja na Viongozi wa Skauti.

Scout Law in English:

i. A Scout's honour is to be trusted
ii. A Scout is loyal to his nation
iii. A Scout is helpful to others
iv. A Scout is friendly to all and a brother to every Scout
v. A Scout is courteous
vi. A Scout is kind to all creatures
vii. A Scout is obedient to his leaders
viii. A Scout is always cheerful
ix. A Scout is thrifty
x. A Scout is clean in thought, word and deed

Camping and training grounds

Bahati Camp in Morogoro, 190 kilometers from Dar-Es-Salaam, is the National training Centre and camping grounds. The camp has some basic training and camping facilities, situated on a site between two rivers on Mount Uluguru. The Association has other district camps, which are not developed. The Association is involved in various community development programs.

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Scout Promise and Law


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