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Publication date: 1st Jan 2007

Join-in-Centenary is a year long programme of fun activities and events, based on a resource pack, to help every Scout participate in the Centenary of Scouting to the full no matter where they live.

Thousands of copies of the packs have already been downloaded throughout the year and with three months still remaining in our Centenary year there is plenty of time to try some of the activities on offer. The activities have been designed to be flexible to all cultures, ages and environments, and can continue to be used well after 31 December! You could even use the activities to celebrate upcoming national centenaries!

Use part of the resource, or all of the resource, but please let your Scouts know that other Scouts around the world are also doing these activities as part of the Centenary of Scouting. It is by fostering this feeling of solidarity, of being part of a global family, that our theme ‘One World One Promise’ becomes a reality for all our members.

The Join-in-Centenary packs are available in sections for different age ranges, and in English and French (also see Join-in-Centenary : A resource to modify for your celebrations ).

Pack 1: Scouting Yesterday and Today
The activities in this pack help Scouts to explore the history of Scouting locally, nationally and internationally and to explore Scouting today in their own communities. This pack also helps Scouts to look at the role Scouting plays in helping young people, who may be marginalised from society due to their disability, social status or ethnic origin, to be included.

Pack 2: The Peace Pack
The activities in this pack reflect the key programme for Scouting’s Centenary – Gifts for Peace. The activities help Scouts to reflect on peace at a personal level and in the wider world. There are also activities that can be used at gatherings for Scouting’s Sunrise and to help Scouts reflect on the Promise they have made as Scouts – which lasts a lifetime.

Pack 3: Join-in-Jamboree
The activities in this pack contain the more traditional Join-in-Jamboree activities. There are activities to learn more about aspects of the United Kingdom and Europe and activities which reflect the programme of the 21st World Scout Jamboree. These activities could also be used by Scouts who were at the Jamboree to share their experiences with their Scout groups.

Pack 4 – Scouting Tomorrow
As 2007 draws to a close, we should set ourselves new challenges for the future. Does our Scout family reflect all parts of our local community? Could we work with others to provide a more varied and exciting programme for our Scouts? As Scouts, are we taking action to protect our environment? It is important that adults and young people work together in Scouting, to assess their situation, build a new vision and make plans for the future. The pack also contains some fun ideas based on new technologies and advances in science!

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