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SJ22S connects to the World: “Tutti Bene Mama”.

2nd Aug 2011

The Jamboree’s amateur radio station SJ22S has been in contact with 107 different countries around the world, spreading the Jamboree atmosphere to Scouts and others anywhere around the globe. Several hundred participants and IST have already enjoyed the electronic workshops at the station and obtained their Jamboree radio badge.

A free “phone call” home is one of the things the radio station can do for you. Relay a message to your family, or, speak with them directly if there’s a radio amateur around in your area. As did a young Italian Scout telling his parents that “all is well here”.

This morning the station made contact with a Scout at the Cook Islands, in the Pacific Ocean, about as far away of Rinkaby as you can get. He would like to have been here with you all but could not make it. He was very pleased to catch that Jamboree glimpse via the radio waves.

There are a number of Scout camps in various countries directly following the Jamboree and even running Jamboree activities. Notably the Chester in the UK, Bad Ischl in Austria and the Haarlem Jamborette in the Netherlands. SJ22S connects almost daily to them.

SJ22S is located just North of the Mora subcamp, along the road to Spring. Look for the big antenna masts. Or drop in at the World Scout Centre where a substation is located in the WOSM tent. And if you see a bike with a strange looking trailer on your subcamp: that is our Scout mobile amateur radio station; it connects your tent directly to some other place on the globe.

At the time of writing the country counter showed 107. For the moment, as the Amateur Radio waves continue to connect the Jamboree to more places around the globe, in a 24 h operation ‘round the clock. Staffed by 43 licensed Scout radio operators from 14 different countries, SJ22S offers a challenging series of workshops to the Jamboree Scouts.

Completing any 4 of them, entitles you to the official Jamboree Radio badge. You can build your own electronic battery tester and flashing light, get a receiver to find the hidden transmitters on the camp site, do an obstacle course blindfolded being guided in by radio and test your ability to send Morse Code. And above all, make your own radio contact to a new friend somewhere on this planet.

Countries contacted by the Jamboree radio station SJ22S up to 2 Aug 2011.
Updates are visible on the public internet live

For more info visit the Radio Station or contact:

Per-Olof Hannson: +46 761472969
Richard Middelkoop: +31 6 488 78 707

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