Vision 2023, Scout Population Explosion And Nigeria Factor

Today, Scout Movement has about 40 million members and volunteers from about 217 countries and territories around the world with 160 NSO, of which 6 million are adults. At the last World Scout Conference (WSC) in Slovenia 2014, a new goal tagged Vision 2023 was designed. The goal is to make Scout the largest youth organization and reach 100 million membership by the year 2023.

But what role will Nigeria as country or NSO play in achieving this lofty vision?

Vision 2023 is premised on the desire that, “By 2023 Scouting will be the world’s leading educational youth movement, enabling 100 million young people to be active citizens creating positive change in their communities based on shared values." ......

Dr. Philip Soneye (LT)

You should not see this


ScoutOily001's picture

Well documented and referenced

Absimil's picture

Africa ka heli kartaa dadka fiican ee wiilasha iyo gabdhaha indheynta

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Can i get copy in French? I like the paper. I am not took good a English reader

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@ Acey: Unfortunately I don't write or speak French but I can ask a friend to help

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That is good of you, apprciate

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Can I download and use this locally?

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Acey I can help you translate to French if permitted by the writer

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I can also help with the translation because I speak the 2 languages fluently. But the content will take me some day to translate. With the writer's permission I can start and I will do it voluntarily because I am also interested in the write-up

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Aunque Toma tiempo para leer , pero es educar

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Carley why not? Although, I have given it to a friend to work on but two heads are better than one. I appreciate

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Halley Biggy please go ahead

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vision 2013, i will reed latter

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Nice work sir. More grease to your elbow

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So good reading from your writeup, I am translating it to Arabic already and with your permission I can share it with Arabic nations

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Il m'a fallu 3 jours pour lire et digérer , il est très bon papier en particulier pour les pays en développement . Merci de prendre votre temps d'écrire ce

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Roland, Sadiz, Ahmad and Badmos my brother, thanks so much for taking your time to read the write-up and also helping in translating to your local language. I appreciate

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It is permitted to translate but also send me a copy once it is done

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Leadership and funding are the major problems affecting the scout population in Africa generally. I am happy you hit the nail on the head. It took me time to comment because I need to read everyting to the end. Pls do your best to always join us in Africa and share your experiences at home. I sent an invite to your email and will be happy to see you soon.

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Good talk @ Kelvin Pee. Scouting is about sharing your experiences only if it is accepted by other party. I have bad experience sharing things in Africa 4 yrs ago in Morocco because most leaders don't want changes

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Kelvin many thanks but Scouter Oily has answered some of your concern. I am part of changes that is happening in my country and they welcome it. Not all leaders hate changes but they are only having fear if the changes will take us forward. When you are sure of what you want to introduce, look for a way to sell it to them, and also lead by example. Thanks

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That s the piont

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from Nigeria, 4 years ago

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