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Preserving Local and Traditional Culture

18th Oct 2013

Yogyakarta, Indonesia, is a city which is rich in terms of culture. It has traditional dances, traditional music (locally known as gamelan), puppet-shadow and Batik. Nowadays, the youth generation begin to lose their interests in traditional dance, traditional music, and other cultural features aforementioned. This may lead to the abandonment of the original culture. The condition will get worse if the traditional culture is then replaced by something which is not appropriate and which doesn’t reflect the indigenous culture.

On the other hand, there are a lot of children who drop out from school. After leaving school, these children mostly work at puppet-shadow and agricultural sectors. However, they are still longing for opportunity to enroll in formal education. Unfortunately, there is no such opportunity available due to the lack of fund.

Referring back to the first point, there is a need to preserve local and traditional cultures i.e. Wayang Kulit (leather puppet-shadow), traditional dances, traditional music, etc by organizing a series of training in which youth participants will be able to learn and practice some basic cultural skills. Regarding the dropout kids, Yogyakarta Scout Provincial Headquarter through the Messengers of Peace Support funds recruited them as participants of cultural and Scouts training. 9 (nine) people consisting of 4 puppet-shadow specialists, 1 traditional dance instructor, 2 Batik specialists and 2 Scout trainers were appointed as training facilitators.

Through this project, the building process of “Among Budoyo” Training Center was completed at the beginning of April 2012. This training center is open to public and can serve more than one functions, such as: traditional culture training center, learning place for Scouts/non-scouts and surrounding community, and also a place in which Scouts and non-scout activities can be held. The surrounding community gets benefit because there were 10 public toilets/rest rooms built near the training center to support any activities held over there.

Through “The Basic Training of Puppet-Shadow Making and Business Management”, participants were trained the basic knowledge and skill about how to make puppet-shadow and how to initiate/ run a home-based business. Besides, by joining “Training on Traditional Culture (Javanese traditional dances, music/gamelan and clothes/Batik), participants were taught how to perform traditional dance, play traditional music and make basic pattern of Batik. Besides, they were honored to have live performance in the “Village Harvest Festival” held on 9th June 2012. In this festival during which Scouts and non-scouts were working together under the Messengers of Peace Project, Scouts engage as many non-scouts as possible to come and participate in the event. Here, they developed the sense of belonging (to the local/traditional culture), brotherhood, and sisterhood.

The monitoring and evaluation of this project was done twice (at least once) in a month by Yogyakarta Scout provincial Headquarter. This activity was regularly performed from April to July. At the end of June 2012, there was a general monitoring and evaluation from Gerakan Pramuka Indonesia National Headquarter done by one of its staffs and Messengers of Peace Indonesia Project Manager.

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