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The League of Scouts of Mozambique (Liga dos Escuteiros de Moçambique), shortly called Scouts of Mozambique and by initials known as LEMO, was founded in November 6, 1994.The Association operates in the Republic of Mozambique. The LEMO is a voluntary, educational, non-governmental and non –political movement for young people open to all without distinction of origin, race or creed, in accordance with the purpose, principles and methods conceived by the Founder and fundamental principals stated by Scout Movement. The purpose of the LEMO is to contribute to the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potentials as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities. The LEMO as Scout Movement is based on the following principles:
Duty to God * Duty to others * Duty to self
All youth members and active leaders of the LEMO are required to make the Scout Promise and to obey the Scout Law. The activities within LEMO include the following:
- Associate their members into basic units (Destacamento) and conduct in, during whole year, educational-formative activities, using methods of the Scout Movement, as defined by the Founder and developed by WOSM.
- Organize actions to protect natural environment, develop circle of interest to gain skill and experience, and actively participate in cultural and sport activities.
- Taking action to prevent disease in local community and promote social assistance.
- Help disabled young people, marginalized children, drug addicts, refugees and ‘street kids’ join in the same activities as other Scouts.
- Organize training courses for new scouts leaders and trainers.
- Carry on editorial, radio-TV publicity and other joint undertakings where the interests of LEMO are concerned.
- Raise and administer the funds for the administration and development of National Scouts Organization.
- Organize camps, hike, rallies and holidays activities for members of LEMO and young Mozambican people.
- Promote all above mentioned activities giving help to others who need it and taking action to improve their neighbourhood environment, forming Scouting Extension brigades for ‘street kids’ and unemployed young people.
- Giving the members acquainted with nature and obtains a desire to protect it.
* The LEMO recognises all religious and expects every Scout to belong to some religious denomination and to understand his duty to his own religion. Religious aspects shall be used for educational purpose and spiritual development of young people. Every Scout shall show tolerance and respect for the religious convictions of others.
* The LEMO shall create any possible condition to develop strong ties between different human communities, independently of economic status, ethnic, racial, creed, sect, and cultural or social class origin of members.`
* Every LEMO member shall have individual freedom of thought and action in political matters, provided that the aims and policy of any political party to which he may give allegiance shall not conflict with those expressed in this Constitution. No member of the LEMO shell influence or involve the association in any question of political nature nor shall he take part as a Scout or in Scout uniform in any meeting, gathering or other occasion associated with any particular political party.
* The spirit of Association is that Scouts should earn and not solicit money, Scouts in uniform must not take part in any street sales of collections of money either for their own funds or for those of others. The LEMO depends financially on the contributions of its own members and on public support.
* The LEMO shall not be subject to control by any department of Government, church, religious communities or political parties. It shall promote friendly relations with other national organisations of a non-political character having similar aims.
* The LEMO and all its members shall endorse and adhere to the principles and policy of the World Organization of Scout Movement. The Association is a national Organization and shall be registered with the Scouts World Bureau having equal standing in the world Movement of Scouting with all other recognized national Scouts Associations. The Association shall to the best of its ability carry out its obligations to the Scouts World Bureau and promote friendship and co-operation with other recognized national Scouts Associations of the World.
* The LEMO is an independent, patriotic, voluntary and educational organization for young people consisting of Section for different age ranges each with its own distinctive programme: Falcons (6.10), Cubs (10-11), Junior Scouts (Volunteers, 12-14; Explorers, 14-16), Senior Scouts (Venture Scout, 16-19, Eagle Scouts, 1st Class Scouts), Rovers (19-24), together with their active leaders (18-60).
* Membership of the LEMO is be open to all boys and girl, men and women, those who agree to conform to the purpose, principles and method of the Scout Movement.

(A LEMO foi oficializada pelo Min. da Justiça 8 de Março de 1996.
Os Estatutos da LEMO aprovados pela Bureau Mundial da Organização Mundial do Movimento Escutista, Genebra, 15 de Março de 1999).

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