Celebrate #Rovers100: Get two awesome badges by completing one great project!

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Publication date: 12th Apr 2018

The year 2018 marks the 100th year of Rover Scouting. Centenary celebrations are in full swing across Scout Regions around the world, with loads of campaigns and activities being held at World and Regional levels to make this Centenary unforgettable.

One that Rovers and senior Scouts should not miss is the opportunity to earn two badges by completing only one project. That’s right. You will receive both the Patrimonito Scout badge and Scouts of the World Award (SW Award) special edition badge, if you complete a Scouts of the World Award Voluntary Service Project at one of the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites worldwide this Rovers Centenary!

The Patrimonito Scout Badge is earned through the World Scouting–UNESCO World Heritage Recognition programme, which aims to promote World Heritage, educate young people, and call on them to take actions for sustainable development via the SW Award programme.

The SW Award special edition badge, on the other hand, challenges young people to be active citizens in their local communities by focusing on a specific goal or goals of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and including the number “100” in planning the SW Award Voluntary Service Project.

Visit the Scouts Of The World Award - Rovers Centenary Special Edition Badge page and Patrimonito Scout Badge page today to discover how you can make even more positive changes in your community!

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Avatar Lyel Lim

Hello. I am the Team Leader of a SWA Voluntary Service here in the Philippines. Me and my team were already awarded with the SWA Badge for completing the 80 hour service requirement. My question is, since our SWA VS Project is sustainable, can this be used in applying/acquiring the SWA Rovers 100 Badge? Can we continue the project in line with the requirements of acquiring the SWA Rovers 100 Badge? Please check our SWA Voluntary Services at https://www.scout.org/user/6897

Avatar Scouts of the World Award

Hello! Yes, your project can be eligible for the special edition badge.

If your are an SW Awardee, and if you are part on an ongoing project, you can still take up the challenge by participating in an SW Award Voluntary Service Project for a minimum of 40 hours. All you have to do is to find out which SDG(s) is/are relevant to your project, remind yourself and those involved in the project to focus on it/them, and include the number “100” somewhere in your project. Remember, it is essential to tell your story, so make sure to post your project on scout.org with the relevant #Rover100 #SWAward hashtags. However, you shouldn’t wear both badges on the same uniform.

You can find all details in the guidelines of the Scouts of the World Award - Rovers Centenary special edition badge here: https://www.scout.org/node/407666/subpage/425316

Avatar Lyel Lim

That’s great! So we just have to send the additional 40 hour SWA Voluntary Service report to our NSO? Or are we going to directly send our report to you or someone?

Avatar Saul Valencia

hi im from mexico and i m awarded with the swa how can i get the two badges? do i habe to start another project or where can i get more information???

Avatar Kim Ismail

Hi, I'm from Nigeria dunno if I can participate

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