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A historic milestone was achieved – a counter, set at zero just over 24 months ago, passed the 600 million mark. That’s 600,000,000 hours of service provided to local communities around the world by over 10 million people whom King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and King Carl Gustaf of Sweden have recognised as “Messengers of Peace”.

These Messengers of Peace are young men and women – members of the Scout Movement worldwide. They have helped their communities recover from disasters in Haiti, the Philippines, Salvador and the USA. They have taken care of street kids and their families in Bangladesh, Honduras, Kenya and the Philippines. They have intervened in divided communities in Burundi, Indonesia, Kashmir and Rwanda. These are but five or six million projects recorded by Scouts in these 24 months.

Messengers of Peace is a global initiative of World Scouting, launched on its platform, which inspires Scouts the world over to do amazing things. Any action that contributes to harmony and peace in a local community qualifies as a Messengers of Peace service project – and Scouts around the world have responded with energy and enthusiasm.

We invite you now to join the campaign as we recognize and celebrate everyone who contributed to this record achievement. Let’s continue to inspire the world as we work towards achieving 1 billion community service hours!

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