Holistic Development Program for Children in Conflict with the Law at Social Development Center, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental Philippines


THEY ARE NOT ORDINARY. At an early age, these children in conflict with the law spend most of their time trying to live life on their own inside the rehabilitation centers. They barely have access to most thigns that normal children usually get to enjoy. In other words, they are not as free as other children.

Seeing the issue first-hand, we initiated the "Holistic Development Program for Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL) at Social Development Center (SDC), Bacolod City, Negros Occidental Philippines," hoping that we could help change things for them and make them feel ordinary and normal.

I am delighted to share to you, through this page, the different stories of hope and love which propelled these children to a holistic transformation. Here lies the activities designed to help recalibrate the different aspects of life of the youth at crossroads.

Through the course of the program, we heard the children explode in laughters. The way their eyes light up when they talk about things they want to have and people they want to become. How they would all come running by the window when they hear the gates open, hoping for their mother or father or just anyone to visit them. We witnessed how they are just like any other children. We were wrong. It is wrong to make people feel ordinary. These children are not ordinary at all, and they don't need to be. As a matter of fact, no one is ordinary.


1. To establish a cleaner and safer Social Development Center with healthier, safer and mentally stable Children in Conflict with the Law.
2. To empower and rehabilitate the Children in Conflict with the Law through transformational activities, projects and programs through a holistic and creative approach.
3. To conduct transformational programs for Children in Conflict with the Law to enable them to develop positive outlook and thereby find meaning and direction in life.


The Social Development Center (SDC) is a rehabilitation center for children who come into contact with the justice system as a result of being suspected or accused of committing an offence. These children are commonly known as Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL). The Social Development Center was established to serve as a transformational facility exclusively for youth offenders of Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. SDC is also focused in rehabilitating and empowering CICL while they are housed in, so that they will become productive members of society. However, unaddressed problems that negatively affect the system and rehabilitation of SDC were observed. These include unsanitary installations, lack of basic needs including emotional and mental needs, and lack of interventions for empowerment, growth and rehabilitation of CICL. Because of the existing problems, these hinder the empowerment and rehabilitation of CICL, which eventually leads to degradation of society where criminal rates would increase, where drugs are rampant, and where violence would continue to persist over peace.

This motivated the proponent to give interventions to CICL by conducting creative transformational activities, projects, and programs at the Social Development Center for the holistic development of the CICL. The holistic development program was focused and benefited Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL) in Social Development Center, Bacolod City. The Children in Conflict with the Law, housed in SDC, are children in Bacolod City under 18 who comes into contact with the justice system as a result of being suspected or accused of committing an offence.

In solution to the existing problems, the proponent, in partnership with other non-government organizations, school-based organizations and private foundations, has conducted activities in the SDC focused on different categories namely, intellectual, psychological, spiritual, skills training, arts and culture, and environmental.

One of the activities under the program is the Boy Scouts Auxiliary Brigade. This activity aims (1) to utilize the ideals, values and principles of scouting as instrument in indoctrinating these wayward youths with the virtues of love of God, country, and fellowmen towards molding them into responsible and conscientious citizens, (2) to transform them, from being criminal elements, into crime watchers and peacemakers when they go back to their respective communities.The Boy Scouts Auxiliary Brigade was a conducted to give the CICL a series of scouting training for them to become productive members of the society when they go out from SDC. A total of 40 youth offenders participated in the activities and 35 of them were donned with scout neckerchief during the investiture ceremony as sign of the culmination of their hard work for the 7-day program.


Day 1- Fundamental Principles of Scouting
Day 2- Basic Scout Skills (Back to Basics)
Day 3- Emergencies and Disaster Prepardness
Day 4- Crime Prevention
Day 5- Values Formation
Day 6- Environmental Consciousness
Day 7- Investiture Ceremony


Intellectual Category
-Essay Writing Contest: Peace Starts With The Self
-Formulation of Personal Vision and Mission
-Storytelling Session: Mga Dakilang Pilipino (Modern Filipino Heroes)

Psychological Category
-Building a Culture of Peace: Anti- Bullying Advocacy Campaign

Spiritual Category
-Inspirational, Spiritual Messages on Tarpaulins
-Spiritual Talk and Workshop
- Interpretative Skit on Stories from the Bible

Skills Training Category
-Boy Scouts Auxiliary Brigade
-Haircutting and Massage Therapy Skills Training
-'Just Say NO to Drugs' Campaign

Arts and Culture Category
-SDC Got Talent
-Konsyerto sa Magandang Buhay (Concert for a Beautiful Life)
-Masskarot Peacetival
-Christmas Hip-Hop
-Drugs Horror Exhibit

Environmental Category
-Green Revolution Program
-Basura Art Craft

*Faces, pictures, outputs and the names of the Children housed in Social Development Center are strictly confidential and are not allowed to be posted and to be shown in public. Nonetheless, all mentioned activities and projects under the program were conducted and implemented.

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