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Publication date: 1st Jan 2008

Imagine an ongoing international opportunity to enter into the real adventure of today's world: protecting the environment, working for development, challenging ethnic and nationalistic prejudices and building peace within and between communities; in one thought, contributing to making the world a better place.

All this and more is currently happening through the efforts of thousands of Rovers from all over the world that are working in their Scouts of the World Award.

More and more countries have adopted and implemented this world initiative within their programme for the Rover section. Here is some news from all corners of the globe:

France, Bolivia & Spain
Rovers from France, in partnership with Scouts from Bolivia and Spain, travelled to Potosi in Bolivia. This community suffers from environmental and health problems, many young people work in the mines, and the community does not have sufficient opportunities for development.

Rovers learned about these problems and worked together with young people from the community in order to raise awareness on the issues. The Scouts produced a DVD exposing to local authorities the problems and the contamination that mine companies posed on the local river, while at the same time performing street theatre to tell the local people about these issues. They trained young people and provided new tools to assist with the development of other sources of income (such as agriculture) to help them to avoid having to work in the mines.

In Canada the 'Association des Scouts du Canada' created a partnership with the society 'Mer et Monde' in order to provide young people with more educational intercultural experiences. This partnership will help to provide both organisations with the opportunity to share knowledge and expertise through the exchange of trainers and educational material.

Nicaragua & Portugal
Recently the 'Asociacion de Scouts de Nicaragua' and the 'Corpo Nacional de Escutas' from Portugal adopted the SW Award and are currently looking at the best way to deliver this international Award to young people in the coming months.

In Cordoba, Argentina, more Scouts received their Scouts of the World (SW) Award after they took part in the SW Discoveries and developed their SW Voluntary Services in different parts of the community.

Australia has been working for more than 2 years in developing SW Discoveries with indigenous communities and providing more opportunities to young people to work on their SW Voluntary Services in this area of development.

Singapore recently created a new SW Base. This SW Base is finding ways to further improve and expand the programme. Publicity and recruitment is being done, projects are being sourced and collaboration with other NSOs in the Asia Pacific Region is also being discussed.

In Jordan more young people have achieved the requirements to receive the SW Award based on their experience and work in different countries, learning about peace and giving back to the community by sharing their knowledge with other young people.

In France the Scouts of the World Award is a huge success because the incredible work of the young people in charging and developing the programme. 'Scouts et Guides de France' are preparing an event in collaboration with UNESCO: 'Habiter autrement la planète' in the framework of the international cooperation of the SW Award.

The Scout Association in the United Kingdom is preparing the first SW Discovery on Environment next summer, which will act as a pilot run for the SW Award.

Panamerican Scout Moot
At the end of the this year the 1st Panamerican Scout Moot will take place in Bolivia. The programme is based on the Scouts of the World Award and the Millennium Development Goals of United Nations.

Please share your Scouts of the World activities with the World Scout Bureau by emailing

Picture 1: 'Scouts et Guides de France' have developed their programme to include the SW Award.
Picture 2: Scouts in Argentina have been very active in earning their SW Award.

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