Scouts Coral Restoration

As we all know, coral reef represent some of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on Earth, providing critical habitat to approximately 25 percent of marine species. In Addition, these ecosystems provide economic benefits through tourism and fisheries. However, human activities including development in coastal areas, over fishing, and pollution have contributed to a global loss of over 10 percent of these valuable ecosystems. An additional 15 percent have been lost due to warming of the surface ocean, and climate change will further contribute to coral reef degradation in decades ahead.
In Indonesia's coral reef fisheries are in crisis due to destructive over-harvesting by bombs and poisons. President Megawati Sukarno Putri said at the International Coral Reef Symposium in October 2000 in Bali that around 94% of Indonesia's coral reefs were already severely damaged. Pasir Putih, Situbondo, East Java is one of them. From 4 coral reef locations, Teluk Pelita has 50,61% living coral coverage and 20,17/m2 reef-fish abundance. Karang Mayit has 32,92% living coral coverage and 22,79/m2 of reef-fish abundance; Batu Lawang with 27,59% living coral coverage and 10,58/m2 reef-fish abundance; Kembang Sambi with 22,49% living coral coverage and 7,01/m2 reef-fish abundance.
            Based on condition mentioned above, Gerakan Pramuka Indonesia who has East Java Scouts Divers held “Scouts Coral Restoration”, which is underwater conservation, clean up and building artificial reef in Pasir Putih, Situbondo that supported by World Scout Foundation (WSF). The activities which are been doing are training local scouts and local youth to dive, workshop on coral reef conservation, and coral reef conservation.
Training local scouts and local youth to dive has been held in February 2012. By doing this activity, participants not only getting open water diver certification from POSSI (Indonesian Sub aquatic Sport Association) but also increasing their awareness to the underwater environment. Therefore, they are ready to take an action in conservation activities. The participants were very enthusiastic about the training and proud to be involved in Messengers of Peace project.
Besides training and workshop, Scouts Coral Restoration also did some real actions by developing the artificial coral reefs. The coral reeves that are wanted to be produced on this SCR's activity are as many as 40 blocks consisting of 100 coral reefs. Until this time, the amount of the planted coral reef are more than 100.
So, for those who want to participate in diving and planting the coral reeves live, you could visit to Pasir Putih. As the young generations of the nation, also the good scouts, let's love and take a good care of the ocean to create peace and a better world.

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