Peace Platform: Scouting Unites Ukraine

Today there are up to 50,000 scouts in Ukraine. However they operate separately within four national scout organizations and more than 30 separate regional scout groups which have no common program of action or a single educational proposal for the society. Ukrainian scouts at the moment are not so eager to unite their efforts in education of the young generation of Ukrainian citizens.
The main objective of the project - promotion of the Scout Movement under the auspices of the WOSM through trainings and roundtables on preparing adult scout leaders as well as PR-activities in all the regions of Ukraine.
The project is planned to develop friendly cooperation between the scouts from all regions of Ukraine under the framework of NOSU. As the scout leaders in Ukraine have traditionally been active citizens and have a great impact on public opinion the project will help to unite Ukrainian people, overcoming stereotypes and prejudices of residents of different regions of Ukraine.
 7-8 July 2012 Kiev city department of the AYNO "National Organization of Scouts of Ukraine" conducted an exploratory workshop within the project "Platform of the World: Scouting unites Ukraine."
The aim of the workshop was to develop educational programs for scouts aged from 11 to 15 years in the following areas:

Fundamentals of Scouting
Spirituality and religious education
Patriotic Education
Personal development
Life in the nature
Social skills
Healthy Lifestyle

The seminar was held on the basis of the summer camp "Vytoki" (Cherkasy region, Korsun-Shevchenko district, s. Vyhraiiv).
August 4-5 Donetsk hosted a seminar as part of the project "Platform of the peace. Scouting unites Ukraine."
Exploratory workshop as part of the project of the AYNO NOSU “Platform of the peace. Scouting unites Ukraine" took place on August 4th in Donetsk and gathered the leaders of the Scout Movement from Zaporizhia, Luhansk, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv and Donetsk regions. The objectives of the workshop were to develop inter-regional communication, evaluate the effectiveness of work under the concept of "Scout counties" and the development of inter-regional information-resource centers of NOSU, to consider proposals for general scouting program of NOSU relying on the "offer rather then criticize!" principle.
The atmosphere of working hard brainstorming the overall planning of the Scout county (Zaporizhia, Luhansk, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv and Donetsk regions) activity in the conference hall of the municipal enterprise "Donetsk regional center to support children's associations" was hotter than forty-degree temperature outside the window. The developing of the proposals for common Scouting program generated an active debates.
September 8-9, Mykolaiv scout county hosted the training seminar within the project of AYNO NOSU "Platform of the peace: Scouting unites Ukraine" 
The seminar was held on the basis of Mykolayiv regional center of tourism, local history and student excursions.
Workshop was attended by leaders of the primary organizations of the Mykolaiv regional department of NOSU, the chairmen and members of the Boards of Mykolaiv, Odessa and Kirovograd regional scout departments, leaders of the small groups based on scouting methods, teachers. Ruslan Gorchinskiy well-known in Ukrainian Scouting coached the search seminar.
Workshop organizers set a goal to promote a positive image of Scouting, to raise awareness of the Ukrainian society of Scouting in general and the existing national Scouting organization AYNO "National Scout Organization of Ukraine" in particular, to promote NOSU programs; to develop interregional communication system and proposals for joint activities of the departments in the Mykolaiv scout county (Mykolaiv, Kirovograd, Odessa regional department of NOSU).
Key ideas of the Scout Movement that inspire Mykolaiv county scouts is the educational role of Scouting, a healthy lifestyle, the relevance of the Scout method for children and young people, its contribution to the world, the ability to contribute to society.
Participants had a chance to discover the benefits and opportunities of Scouting from years of experience of the leaders of Mykolayiv and Kiev scout movement.
22-23 September 2012 Scouts from Lviv, Uzhgorod and Ivano-Frankivsk took part in the search seminar of the National Organization of Scouts of Ukraine "Platform of  Peace: Scouting unites Ukraine".
The theme of the first seminar of Ivano-Frankivsk Scout District (which includes scouts from Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Zakarpattia and Chernivtsi olblasts) was to establish communication between scouts of this region and discuss proposals for joint activities.
The seminar was attended by representatives from the three oblasts of  this  region including the Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk members of Plast, as well as representatives of the Uzhgorod and Lviv Scout Federation "Galytska Rus". The workshop was interesting and constructive, since all of the controversial issues between the two organizations were discussed and solved. Friendly and warm atmosphere reigned throughout the seminar, and some questions were interrupted with laugh. :)
Moreover, since the seminar was held in the recreation center "Zaroslyak" near Vorokhta, 12 participants reached the highest peak of Ukraine Hoverla mountain in the morning of September, 23. It was the first ascent to this peak for some of them. Furthermore, the top was covered with snow and strong wind was blowing!
 December, 1-2 Ternopil hosted a seminar as part of the project "Platform of the Рeace. Scouting unites Ukraine."
Approximately thirty scouts from different regions (Ternopil, Khmelnytsk, Rivne, Volyn) of the Ternopil scout county took part in a large-scale project "Platform of the Peace. Scouting unites Ukraine" during first two days of December.The goal of the workshop was to spread the information about scout movement and activity of the AYNO "National Organization of Scouts of Ukraine", to develop common educative line of work with scouts, to share knowledge and to work on the projects common for the departments of the Ternopil scout county of AYNO NOSU.
"I have high expectations for this project. We have to work together to achieve our goals, to develop healthy and strong society. We are stronger when we stand together," the coordinator of the project in Ternopil county, the head of Ternopil regional department of the AYNO "National Organisation of Scouts of Ukraine" scout Nazar Zelinka said.

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