Rovers turn difficulty to opportunity in shelter homes in Delhi

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Scouts are not afraid of difficulty, instead they turn them into opportunity to benefit others. 


That’s what Rovers and leaders of The Bharat Scouts and Guides demonstrated, as they provided a temporary place for people who were stranded when the Indian government imposed a national lockdown.


Calling themselves COVID-19 Warriors, Rovers and leaders arranged temporary places for stranded people in schools and community halls in different locations such as the Central District, North District and South West District, all in New Delhi. Those places are called Shelter Homes. 


In May 2020, around 75 Rovers and Leaders took turns every day in two shifts  providing support to more than 1,000 migrant people by distributing food, leading physical exercises, meditation or yoga, and campfire.

Rovers entertained young people and children by engaging them in indoor and outdoor games, drawing competition, essay writing and motivational speech.

To help combat the virus, leaders regularly showed COVID-19 awareness video campaign on handwashing, social distancing, regular use of mask, and importance of proper hygiene. 



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