Youth Advisor Update #5 – April ‘15What? World Scout Committee MeetingWhere? Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaWhen? March, 2015Who? Daiana, Jérémy, Luis, Maeed, Máire, & MontaserHello everyone!As some of you may know, there was a meeting of the World Scout Commi

Youth Advisor Update #5 – April ‘15 What? World Scout Committee Meeting Where? Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia When? March, 2015 Who? Daiana, Jérémy, Luis, Maeed, Máire, & Montaser Hello everyone! As some of you may know, there was a meeting of the World Scout Committee (WSC) held in Kuala Lumpur mid-March, and the six of us were in attendance. João, the Chairperson of the WSC, posted a report/summary of the meeting on Rather than repeating him, we have decided to share his report with you. You can find it here: However, we felt the need to add a little something of our own this update, so here is the written report we submitted to the meeting (with a few additional comments we’ve added in italics) Youth Advisors’ Repor – March 2015 1. Youth Advisor Meetings The Youth Advisors have not held any separate/official meetings since the last WSC meeting in November, 2014. However, we remain in constant contact via a WhatsApp group and Facebook group. This ensures that we are all kept in the loop and stay on top of everything. All Youth Advisors were present in Greece (February 2015) for the WOSM Work streams meeting. – We have a Skype meeting arranged for later this week to follow up on things that we did not get to cover at our meeting at the end of the WSC meeting. Don’t worry – we’ll issue another update when it’s done! 2. Following-up on WSYF recommendations 2.1. Youth Wall Since last year the Youth Advisors are in charge of the Youth Wall” facebook page, where we are sharing relevant scouting and common interest information with young people around the world. To be sure what people want to see (and exchange) in this social media, we made a survey to ask them about suggestions, wishes and different ways to communicate , improving the content submitted for a higher impact on this communication tool – As you guys know, we’ve finished collecting this data, and are developing a communications strategy based on it to ensure that we get the most out of Youth Wall 2.2. Road Map During these months we were defining our own road map relate to what people asked us in the youth forum to do. Now is the last step of this work, we are going to share it with WSYF participants to check if they are happy with it, or if they want to make some suggestion. – Again, we have shared this with WSYF participants, and are now working on coallating inputs and comments before releasing the final draft! 3. World Scout Youth Forum After a careful selection process, the programming committee of the next WSYF has been nominated. We welcome Baskouda Shelly (Cameroun), Nino Tsiklauri (Georgia), Zakariya Bakhouche (Algeria) and Su Youn Kim (South Korea). From the host committee, we welcome Nargiz Balakishiyeva (Azerbaijan). Along with João Gonzales and Mari Nakano from the World Scout Committee and Hany Abdulmonem from the World Scout Bureau, we are now ready to start planning the next World Scout Youth Forum. We should be having our first physical meeting at the beginning of June in West Virgina, USA. 4. Others 4.1. Promoting Intercultural Activities – Facebook group Following recent violent events in France and Africa, it seems that promoting intercultural dialogue and cooperation is necessary. We started a Facebook group to start discussing existing initiatives and think of new ideas about what WOSM could do to increase its intercultural actions. We hope that some ideas might be of interest to the committee and be adopted as formal initiatives done by WOSM. 4.2. Scouts Responding to Ebola – Facebook co-ordination After initial discussion at the last World Scout Committee meeting on the subject of Ebola and its impacts in Africa, A project was developed called “Scouts Responding to Ebola" which tries to gather information of activities, and projects Scouts are doing all over Africa and the rest of the world on responding to Ebola. A Facebook page was set up for the project asking everyone to share information of Scouts involved in responding to Ebola. Subsequently a post was also made on regarding the project. The idea was to collect stories of Scouts working on response to Ebola in the affected communities, encouraging Scouts all over the world to put up their stories on as Scout News post or to share it through Facebook page "Scouts Responding to Ebola". By doing so it was hoped to identify further areas where Scouts can help out, assist in the global efforts to tackle the Ebola Virus. The Facebook page has received over 2300 likes so far. Furthermore, a Facebook co-ordination was setup to gather coordinators who can help expand the initiative and contribute more to the project. Currently we are also looking into future possibility to work with Messengers of Peace initiative and the WSB Communications team to collate more stories. The discussion has also been taken to the Steering Committee of the WSCommittee. --------- So that’s it! As we mentioned in an additional comment in the report, we managed to squeeze in some time to have a short meeting ourselves. We looked a few different things, including our new communications strategy, work towards implementing of our RoadMap, and discussing our presence at the World Scout Jamboree in Japan this summer. Are you going to be there? Do let us know via Youth Wall! We are having a follow-up Skype meeting later this week, so watch this space. We will be sure to share the latest information with you via our main channels, Youth Wall on Facebook, and Twitter (@ScoutYouthWall). Yours in Scouting Daiana, Jérémy, Luis, Maeed, Máire, & Montaser Your Youth Advisors to the World Scout Committee (2014 – 2017)

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Great job!

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Hellow dedicated team. Personally i appreciate considerately the efforts and steps that you have been taking to make the voice of the youths in scouting heard. Every step that any scout takes to make the world a better place i believe is a step closer to achieving our founder's dream. More specifically though i would like to add on to illuminating some of this activities for the youths. The website is a great way of reaching individual scout in their respective areas, In my own capacity i have tried above and beyond to encourage at a personal level the scouts that i know to create profiles on the site so as to get in touch with the relevant scouting programs on a worldwide basis and also to upload their experiences and services on the platform. In my own little sojourn in this endeavor i have discovered that not many are reached with this information from the site. It is therefore my humble request that the site be promoted well on a world wide scale and the subsequent information be shared on as many platforms as possible just as the National scouts organizations are also encouraged to convince scouts to keep visiting the site and utilizing it fully. Be blessed as you continue with the service to humanity. regards

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Nice one

Avatar Mamta Swarnkar D.T.C

Nice one
Great One

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from Switzerland, 7 tahun yang lalu
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