T.S CRUZ NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL IN CITY DIVISION OF LAS PINAS fulfilled its mission in providing voluntary service for younger generation in a small Brgy. in Las Pinas. Through the initiative of ever diligent Unit Leader Bernard T. Guba with the support of the School Principal Ignacio L. Son, Parents and youth volunteers they were able to deliver the program of the Scout of The World Award to younger people. It was a long journey of service that creates meaningful outcome. The Voluntary Service focused on development particularly in literacy training for out of school youth. Literacy impacts the way we function as members of the community. A majority of the world's information is only available through written or printed works. An inability to read and comprehend condemns an illiterate person to an isolated life. He or she cannot properly interact with the rest of the world. This is a major problem because humans are especially social creatures that can only survive together with others of their kind. To be cut off from society is to be cut off from the human way of life.
When a Child Reads, He Can Write His Future
Being able to read and write is essential. Written words are gateways to knowledge and opportunity that are only accessible to those with the ability to decipher them. Without a strong foundation of literacy skills, children are more likely to struggle throughout their education, live in poverty and see their potential hampered.
Literate people also tend to have better employment opportunities than illiterate people. Most well paying jobs require college degrees or other credentials; these cannot be acquired without a high level of literacy. No matter what field of study you go into, you will need to have a vast amount of general knowledge and the ability to read and write. Even if a job doesn't require any credentials, a certain level of literacy is required to work effectively. Imagine how hard it would be for a cashier to do his or her job if he or she was illiterate. That cashier might not be able to communicate with the store's customers, add up the costs of the customers' goods, or even operate the cash register with its labelled buttons.
Literacy therefore, is essential for reducing poverty, improving health, encouraging community and economic development, and promoting peace. And through SWA Voluntary Service Program, we had the opportunity to take an action to enhance literacy in our community.
Volunteering is the perfect way for us to be welcomed as productive, active members of our community. Even though we know that several formal volunteer assignments do require education or prior experience, SWA still offers us the chance to try something new and value enthusiasm and creativity more than knowledge. As volunteers, we are given the responsibility to demonstrate our independent abilities and handled age appropriate work according to our actual skill level, rather than be restricted by our age.


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