Gang Show with a difference!

On 28 July, the Singapore National Gang Show 2018 was held. Cub Scout units from all over the island performed skits and dances. One unit did something related to their recent World Scout Environment Programme.

Colugo Scout Group is an open group with different nationalities, races and religions. The group meets every Sunday and have over 30 Cub Scouts. Their leaders are passionate about Scouting and are well known for their projects. Colugo decided to do something a little different for this year's National Gang Show. They wanted to teach others to protect the environment.

The leaders came up with a script in order to send out a strong message to protect the ocean and its inhabitants. They designed costumes made from recyclable items in their own time. This group of dedicated leaders spent their time and energy on making sure the costumes were ready for the performance day. The Cubs practised the skit each Sunday of their pack meeting with enthusiasm and passion. There were some who had stage fright, but wanted to get involved and overcome that fear of acting in front of an audience. Their peers and leaders gave them the support and encouragement to do just that.

The big day finally arrived. The leaders gave them a final talk before their actual performance. They explained that no matter what the result was, they were all winners in their eyes, and that they were proud of all of them for participating.

It was Colugo's turn to go on stage to face Cub Scouts from all over Singapore. Three distinguished judges would decide on the award of this year's National Cub Scout Gang Show.

Colugo's skit was about a group of Cub Scouts that had enjoyed a picnic at the beach. The Cubs were feeling tired after their meal and were not in any mood to clean up afterwards. Their leaders and sixers informed them that they had to clean up and not to leave any traces behind. They were to bring back their litter to the camp bin area, where they would dispose of everything. One Cub had an idea that it would be easier to just throw everything into the sea. The sixers tried to stop them by telling them that this would not be good to the environment and that this would harm the marine life. The others ignored the sixers and decided to dispose of their rubbish into the sea. Before that could do it, they were stopped by different marine life. Fish, Jellyfish, Turtles, Dolphins and Birds explained to them why this act would harm them. They continued to explain to the Cubs the problems that they had from rubbish being thrown into the water. The costumes of the marine life brought colour to the stage, and captivated the audience's imagination.

The story had a strong message on why we should do our part to help the environment. The marine life actors explained the consequences of rubbish being thrown into the sea. The sad stories of turtles swallowing plastic, which obstructs their digestive system, fishing nets choking dolphins, and birds swallowing plastic bottle caps. These stories brought the message to the audience that a simple irresponsible act had severe consequences. The finale was a Cub dressed as a Whale explaining that he had swallowed plastic bags, and needed the Cubs to pull them out of his stomach. It was humourous seeing the Cubs pulling out the plastic bags from the whale's costume, but the message was clear to the audience.

Colugo worked extremely hard on this project and was awarded Gold, which was the highest award in this year's National Cub Scout Gang Show. The audience had learnt something important from the skit, and hopefully would share it with others.

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