The Rare Scout Stamps That Never Published Before

Almost a month ago, a set of two stamps was issued by the Azerbaijan Post, but until now – at least in my knowledge – never published officialy to the public. It was the postage stamps issued to commemorated the 41st World Scout Conference (WSC) which been held in Baku, from 14th to 18th August 2017 and the 13th World Scout Youth Forum (WSYF) in Gabala, from 7th to 10th August 2017. Both Baku and Gabala are the cities in the Republic of Azerbaijan.
There are two designs, one for the WSC and the other for the WSYF. Each stamp had face value of 0.2 AZN (Manat) or 20 qəpik. The stamps printed in a full sheet of 8 stamps or 4 set of stamps. Until now I have no information what is the quantity of the stamps, but each WSC participant (delegate or observer) get a full sheet of stamps and a First Day Cover (FDC). The FDC affixed with only one stamp and handstamp with a blue ink FDC from Birinci Gun Post Office on 14.08.17 or 14th August 2017.
The Azerbaijan Post put the full sheet of stamps and the FDC on a special folder which been given to the WSC participants. As informed by the WSC Host/Organizing Committee there were 1,800 participants from 151 National Scout Organizations, which helps us to calculated that there were 1,800 full sheet of stamps and 1,800 single stamp (on the FDC) distributed to the participants. The 1,800 single stamps came from 225 full sheet of stamps.
If we added 1,800 full sheet of stamps with another 225 full sheet, the total is 2,025 full sheet of stamps. As far as I knew, in there still around 50 to 100 special folders in the hand of the WSC Host/Organizing Committee, which means there still another 100 full sheet of stamps and 100 single stamp or 25 full sheet. If this 125 full sheet of stamps added with the previous 2,025 full sheet, meaning there are 2,150 full sheet of stamps. In my opinion the total stamps issued by the Azerbaijan Post was around 2,500 full sheet of stamps or 20,000 single stamps or 10,000 set of two stamps.
Only 10,000 set of stamps issued making this Azerbaijan Scout stamps become one of the rare modern Scout stamps in the world. What making the stamps more rare is because they did not sell it to the public, at least when the WSC was held in Baku. Many participants tried to bought the stamps, but there was not any stamp booth in the Baku Congress Centre, where the WSC has been held.
I, my self, also tried to went to the Baku Central Post Office (Markazi Post) at the Uzeyir Hajibeyov Street, but the stamps also not available there. It was not easy to find the stamps, even in Baku, making the stamps more rare.
Lucky for me and some of the international volunteers who helped the WSC and the WSYF, the WSC Host/Organizing Committee gave us some of the special folders for free. With the folders, I made some rare memorabilia items. I fortunate got the autograph of the Chairperson of the World Scout Committee 2014-2017, João Armando Pereira Gonçalves, in one FDC, and in the other FDC I got autograph from the Secretary General of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, Ahmad Alhendawi.
Not only that, I also got two autographs in the cover of the special folder, both from Ahmad Alhendawi, and the new Chairperson of the World Scout Committee 2017-2020, Craig Turpie. All of these autograph items will be a very special memorabilia items for me who was in Baku for three weeks from 31st July to 20th August 2017. Thank you Baku, thank you the Association of Scouts of Azerbaijan.

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