"J.P" Make Their Study, Fun and Friends Borderless

PENGGALANG's Jamboree (Jambore Penggalang in Indonesian) was held in Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya on May 4th 2014 on 7 a.m. This jamboree was attended about 70 children from four elementary schools that includes on SD binaan or in other words "ITS Scout Goes to School" agenda. They are Al Huda, Mabadiul and Juara Elementary School also Al Azhar International School. In the first gathering after the opening ceremony which was led by KDR Putra, MH Lutfi Baihaqie, all children were grouping with their school-mates only. Then, the master trainer took a part by making the communal game. They were decided into two communal games, the Boys and the Girls or in Indonesian, it's called Regu Putra dan Regu Putri. The master trainer played games that helped all children knew their Jamboree-mates (the introduction game) before the grouping game. In grouping game, the master trainer gave instruction to find colored flag (red, green, blue, yellow) around the trees and each school has it's own code. There were four symbol in each flag (sun, moon, cloud and stars) and then the grouping way based on the symbol that they got. So now a team of boys and girls consist ten peoples and randomly picked 2-3 children from each school. Good! Then the Jamboree trips continued to the Posts Game. But before they went to the posts; the Sun, Moon, Cloud and Stars-team had been given a 'Treasure Trove' that they had to keep it save and shouldn't be cracked. The Post Games start! There were four posts and each post had two games with giving stars for scoring. The Post Games were TekPram (Teknik Kepramukaan or Scout Technique) Translating a song's title by Morse code and Semaphore, Fliping the Carpet, Sodok Tambang (like A Pulling Rope with opposite direction but we aren't pulling it, we push/thrust the rope), A Bottle in Balance Game, Magic Stick (a game with team work and harmonization), A Nail in A Bottle, Moving Stick & Crawling and Volcano Mountain. When the Posts Games finished the Jamboree participants were changing cloth into scout uniform and having lunch. After that, they were gathered together for closing ceremony and awarding time for team that had lots of stars. As the gifts, all participants got a certificate and a 'Tunas Kelapa' pin/brooch. For the winner they got a fancy picture frame with their team's photo on it (the documentation committee had been working so hard for this :D they raced against time)

You should not see this


Avatar Umit Savas Baran

I hope we see videos of the games next time

Avatar St Qurratul Aini

sometime we will record it sir :)

Avatar Umit Savas Baran

Thank you. looking forward to watch 8 post game

Avatar Elok Wuri SAfitri

may be next time while we're practicing it, we'll record it ^ ^ thankyou, sir

Avatar Elok Wuri SAfitri
from Indonesia, 6 tahun yang lalu

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