Historical Excursion(from Dagana to Thimphu via Dagala on Foot): a walk to experience the hardships of our forefathers
We have started our journey on 24th May 2015, from Daga Dzong at 7am with the blessing from Lam Neten(head of Rabdhey). There were 19 gents and 6 ladies led by head of the Dzongkhag, Dasho Dzongda. Excited we were on that day!
The route on the first day wasn't that tough. We enjoyed walking carrying our own luggages. It took us the whole day to reach our base camp for the first day. Without a guide with us, we might have got lost in the dense forest. Even with a help of the guide, we had tough time locating proper camping site for the day with the darkness crawling in.
With our flash lights we could see many flat places nearby but then water was the problem. Didn't find water in those places. At last! We found a muddy water pond. That helped us a lot that day. We survived on muddy water that day!

At 5am some gents started preparing breakfast and lunch for the day. We carried lunch with us as we didn't have time to cook lunch for ourselves while journeying.
We started our journey with butter tea and dough. This meal sustained us climb uphill. We spent our second night at the base of the mountain. We have found a better place to camp on that day. And we were lucky to have met one of the yak herders near by. He helped us locate the water source.
We took rest with a camp fire.

Everything got packed up by 6:30am and set off for the day again. We had to cross many mountains on that day. Climbing up the mountain was tough for us. As we reached Dagala, we have experienced hail storms and heavy rainfall. After crossing that mountain, we continuously walked in rain till our destination.
Crossed many streams, mountains and valleys but still we couldn't find a dry place to camp. The places were all flooded with rain.
Finally our guide found one of the high landers residing in that place. He talked with the people living there. Lucky we were again! There was one empty house nearby. Whose owner is away for a month. We took advantage of living in that place in the absence of the owner.
The people that we have met there, they were so good kind-hearted. They cooked for us knowing our tiredness. And they helped us with everything!
Yay final day! All of us were extremely happy on that day.
On final day we have visited many lakes and headed towards Genekha, Thimphu. That route was the easiest of all. We didn't have to carry much on our back and on top, we are continuously walking downward.
On arrival of our end route for walking. We were received by Principal, scouts of Wangbama Central School, Thimphu and some officials from Dagana.
We had opportunity to attend the investiture ceremony for the new scouts of that school. By 8pm, we moved from there by bus to our final destination Youth Harmony, where the BSA officials received us. Had dinner and rest!

Lesson from the trekking: we enjoy all the facilities and easy life. But, we forgot who gave us all these. It's the product of our forefathers' hardships.
We couldn't help them then but at least thank them now!
Thank you!

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