The Story of the Indonesia Scout Journalist Community

Gerakan Pramuka, the national Scout organization in Indonesia, recently held the 10th National Scout Jamboree at Cibubur Scout Camp, east of Jakarta, from 14th to 21st August 2016. During the jamboree, two founders of the Indonesia Scout Journalist (ISJ) community, handed over the ISJ special scarf and badge to the Chairman/Chief Commissioner of Gerakan Pramuka, Dr. Adhyaksa Dault.
While in that jamboree also, members of the ISJ community gathered and documented the jamboree through photos, videos, as well as the written news and articles. But what is the ISJ community? Since more than a year ago, there was a Scout journalist community, called as the Indonesia Scout Journalists (ISJ). This idea started when a man named R. Andi Widjanarko contacted me. He works as a professional photographer, who is also active in the old and vintage memorabilia collection. One of his collection is uniforms of various organizations, including Scouting uniforms from different countries.
Knowing I was also a Scout memorabilia collector, he contacted me. Initially, Andi expressed his idea to form a community of Scout photographers. But I gave more ideas, why not establish a Scout journalist community, not limited to only photojournalist? He agreed. The community then called the Indonesian Scout Journalist Community. There is no exact date of the community establishment, but we can recorded August 14, 2015, as the first time we introduced the ISJ logo to the public through our own ISJ badge.
The ISJ is a social community of non-political, independent, not official part of the Scouting movement, but volunteered help the efforts made by the Scouting movement. The ultimate goal is to generate interest in journalism among members of the Scouting movement, and side by side also to increase the interest of mainstream journalist to publish more Scouting news, articles, and photos, or even audio visual document of Scouting news. That is why this community is also open to those who are not members of the Scouting movement. Not questioned whether once or have not been active in the Scouting movement. In essence, this community is open to all citizens of Indonesia who agreed with the goal of community.
There are at least three community goals, which helped to boost interest journalism among members of the Scouting movement, helped to boost interest of general journalist to more publish news of Scouting, and gather reporter, both from the Scouting movement or from outside Scouting, to jointly develop journalism into one of the profession for the Scouts in their future life.
With over 20 million members of Gerakan Pramuka (the Indonesia Scouting movement), actually there should be at least one Scouts news every day in Indonesia. That is why, ISJ community was formed. Those who join the ISJ community, should continue to publish news stories and news photos. Anyway and anywhere they can, both in the traditional mass media (newspapers, magazines, radio, television), or any online media and social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Path, Instagram, Google+, and also citizen journalism sites which are scattered everywhere.
Through this way, it is expected that ISJ can help publicize the activities of Scouts, which in turn will make people get to know and trust the Scouting movement. Furthermore, it is quite possible that after read and looked those news, people will appreciate the help of the Scouting movement who provides education for children and adolescents, both in the form of skills training, as well as moral and character education, things that would have been useful for the children and adolescents today and in the future.

Photo by members of ISJ Community

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Avatar Ferdiansy_idos

Salam Pramuka!!!
Mohon ijin kak, akhir akhir ini saya sangat tertarik ikut bergabung di #ISJ.Ya mungkin saya telat, tapi tak bisa dipungkiri kalau dunia jurnalistik itu mengesankan. Saya kebetulan aktif di akun instagram dewan kerja cabang. jika kakak berkenan, ini email saya Terima kasih dan Happy Scouting.

Avatar Berthold Sinaulan
from Indonesia, 3 tahun yang lalu




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