Peer Educator cum Campaigners Workshop on Swachh Bharat Sundar

On 20.11.2014 the staffs, who were called from different states of Eastern region for working as a staff, started to arrive at the State Headquarters in Bhubaneswar. After reaching there they took a little bit of rest and then after getting refreshed they sat with me in preparing the blue print of the whole event. Responsibilities were distributed among them and were asked to move accordingly. All of them individually choosed their choice of work and then we had a meeting with Sri Mihir Ranjan Patnaik, ASOC(S),Odisha State Association & with Smt.Anamika Das,STC(G), Odisha State Association, asking their suggestions for the programmes we had selected. After hearing from us about the whole blue print of the workshop ,they were happy to note that the segments which were planned for the workshop will be very befitting for the participants in spreading the message of Clean India.

Next morning i.e. on 21.11.2014 participants from different states started to arrive at the SHQ in Bhubaneswar. The responsibility of accommodation was already handed over to our staffs who made them settled accordingly in their allotted place. There was neither any commotion nor any problem in making them settled. The whole matter was ably controlled by our staffs for which they deserve heartial thanks from myself. Gents participants were accommodate in the tents and the ladies participants were accommodate under the roof.

After the arrival participants were instructed first to take their breakfast and then to do their registration state wise. Participants abide-by the instruction peacefully. After the breakfast, they went to the registration booth and did their registration accordingly. The staffs who were made in charge of this segment controlled the whole matter in a very peaceful way without any problem. Total 213 participants from six states ( i.e.—Bihar,Eastern Railway,South Eastern Railway,Jharkhand,West Bengal and Odisha) registered their name for the workshop.

After the registration part was over, participants were instructed to meet in a specific place for having a good preparation about the opening ceremony of the workshop which were about to take place in the afternoon session on 21.11.2014 in the presence of few dignitaries of Odisha state. Participants were instructed how to greet the guests, how to behave in front of the guests and how to maintain the decorum of The Bharat Scouts & Guides. States were also asked to show good presentation if they had prepared any. Participants showed some of their preparation from which we selected few presentable one.

The workshop was formally opened on 21.11.2014 at 2.00 p.m. with the flag ceremony. Then the participants were taken to the Raghunath Sadan Hall for the introduction session. After having their seat, everyone introduced themselves to us including the staffs too. After the introduction part, the rules & regulation of the workshop & routine of the workshop were read out by our staffs in front of all the participants so that they have a clear idea about what will be going for the next four days.

The grand programme on the opening day was really very eye soothing. Dignitaries from almost all corners graced the occasion by their presence and blessed our participants for their progress in the future. The opening ceremony was graced by—Sri Pradeep Kumar Rath, a senior IAS, and Additional Secretary of his excellency Governor of Odisha, Sri Bishnu Charan Das,Hon’ble President of Odisha State Association, The Bharat Scouts & Guides, Sri Sanjay Das Burma, Hon’ble Minister of Food, Supply & Consumer Welfare Employment & Technical Education and Training, Odisha, Sri Kali Prasad Mishra, National Vice President & State Chief Commissioner, The Bharat Scouts & Guides and also by Sri Rama Murti Dora, State Secretary, Odisha State Association. The workshop was officially inaugurated by Sri Pradeep Kumar Rath by lighting the lamp. All the guests were warmly welcomed which followed by some cultural programmes. An Odishi dance performed by some experts really raised the standard of the opening ceremony.

Every day in the evening session we had a contingent leader’s meeting in which we used to review the whole day’s actions in a nutshell and also tried to find out where we went wrong and in which department. Suggestions and observations of contingent leaders were asked to make it more precise from our end. Every day we received good responses from them and some certain changes were made according to the demand of the situation. Immediately after the contingent leader’s meeting gets over we used to sit in a staff meeting and review the performances of ours throughout the whole day.

On the first day before going for dinner we decided to refresh the participants mind through some videos on Scouting/Guiding. As the jet lags and tiredness were on them we decided to show some specific videos on the history of Scouting, how it has developed into a monumental institution, how was the struggle and etc. Participants liked this segment and noted all the information very minutely. They had a good interaction with our staffs who were interacting with them.

Second day we had a session on Swachh Bharat. We made a power point presentation on the Aim and purpose of this mission, how it needs to be spread, who are working for this and etc. The main objective of this session was to give the participants more precise idea about the workshop. Mr.Rushi Patnaik, a resource person came as a guest lecturer to share his ideas about this mission with our participants. Participants enjoyed his speech very much as he mixed some interesting elements in his speech to make it more appealing.After the session was over we had a questionnaire with them on this session and found all of them as a very good listener.

With a view not to make the event very monotonous with the lectures and video shows we arranged a Group Discussion among the participants by dividing them in 10 groups. Every group was given a time of one hour and asked to prepare some ideas on how they can make our motherland neat and clean by involving themselves in this initiative. Everyone prepared their best ideas with the help of their group members to make their group the best among all. In arranging this group discussion, we had a plan to find out 101 ideas relating to make India clean and to share with all those who are running out of ideas.After the completion of their discussion they were asked to read all those ideas in front of others so that every group can exchange their ideas with others. They were also instructed to have an action plan which can be implemented by them in future too.

On 22.11.2014,to make the workshop more appealing to the participants they were instructed to prepare a song on Swachh Bharat. Not only that they had to tune it also in their own style to make it very presentable in front of the judges as it was a standard judging event.They had to prepare it group wise having the message of Swachh Bharat.Every group tried their level best to prepare a song on Swachh Bharat and tuned it .Each song was different from others carrying the message of how to make our motherland neat & clean. It was promised to them that the best team will be awarded with some prize and Odisha State Association took this promise of ours into their hand and awarded each & every members a participation certificate for their creativity who stood first in the song competition.

To give the participants a feeling of relaxation we had thought to promote this Messengers of Peace through some videos and also with the co-ordinators who were present among us. We had four of such co-ordinators with us who took this session as a challenge to promote this among the participants. They made the participants dance on the MOP song “O Ale Ale” and showed them the way to get themselves registered into the platform of Not only that with the help of some videos they also showed them what is MOP, what is its objective, How it can be shared and various informations regarding the uploading the projects on MOP platform. Participants were very pleased to have a such kind of segment in between jam packed activity.

As the workshop stresses on making the peer educators, who will spread this message of Swachh Bharat, in his family, in his locality, in his unit, in his district, in his state ----we had prepared a power point presentation on this subject to display it in front of them. The presentation had all the ideas of what a peer educator is, what his role is, how can he make others educate and etc. Participants interacted in this segment very efficiently with the staffs and tried to had the best idea of being a peer educator.

To make the participants more involved in this mission and also to make their participation very interesting we arranged a competition on Slogan writing & Poster making on Swachh Bharat. Four participants from each state were called upon to participate in both the competition which ran simultaneously. We provided them all the apparatus relating to the competition and they utilised those apparatus beautifully by drawing some beautiful pictures and writing some beautiful slogans on the subject. The objective of arranging this segment was to bring out the hidden prodigies from the participants, in which we think we have got success.

This is a new programme which has been adopted by the WAGGGS and that is why most of the participants had no idea about what it is. To make them aware about this programme we decided to promote this in our workshop. The objective of arranging this segment was to spread this message in every corner of our Eastern Region through the participants who may not get the chance to participate in the next event of “Free Being Me” which is going to held at Ganganagar. Smt.Jayshree Nanda, Lecturer in K.B. College,Baranga,came at our workshop inspite of her busy schedule and promoted it among our participants. To make the event a memorable one we decided to have the signature of all the participants along with the staffs and the guests who attended this workshop.

The young participants has the exuberance of youth. One just need to utilize it perfectly & correctly. With that motive we instructed them to prepare a street drama (nukkad natak) in group wise having the message of Swachh Bharat. The drama must have an appealing message to attract the general public. We promised that all the dramas will be displayed at different corners of Bhubaneswar but the group who will be adjudged as the best will be send to airport for promoting the message of Clean India. As instructed every group gave valiant effort to make their preparation the best and as a result of that we were fortunate to see ten different taste of street drama (nukkad natak ).

On 24.11.2014, we were at ten different corners of Bhubaneswar spreading the message of Making India Clean with the posters and banners through street drama including the Biju Patnaik International Airport. Ten teams were given ten spot to promote the message in their own way awaring the general public and also setting individual example.The Director of Biju Patnaik International Airport was so much pleased to have such a promotion in the airport that he called another team to promote it in the same area too.He himself witnessed both the drama & song and snapped photograph with the participants to make it a memorable one for us.

Print media has been covering our workshop right from the first day. The mission which we have taken has made them understood that it is the high time to promote this as we belong to the members of Scouting fraternity. They have covered the street dramas displayed at ten different corners including the airport. Those news has been published in the local newspaper of Bhubaneswar on 25.11.2014.This is a very pleasing moment for all of us that with a small initiative of organising a workshop we have been able to create something in the mind of print media.

Valedictory function was really very noticeable as all the glittering gems of Bhubaneswar came to grace the occasion. The occasion was graced by Sri Atanu Sabyasachi Nayak, Hon’ble Minister of Health & Family Welfare Information & Technology, Sri Bishnu Charan Das ,Hon’ble President of Odisha State Association, The Bharat Scouts & Guides, Hon’ble justice Sri Bira Kishore Mishra, Chairperson, Human Rights Commission, Odisha and by Sri Kali Prasad Mishra, National Vice President & State Chief Commissioner, The Bharat Scouts & Guides. All the guests had a brief speech about the exact objective of this initiative taken by Govt.of India and blessed the participants for their whole hearted effort. The grand camp fire was inaugurated by Hon’ble justice Sri Bira Kishore Mishra, Chairperson, Human Rights Commission, Odisha and he along with all the other dignitaries enjoyed every bit of the function.

On the final day i.e. on 25.11.2014 All Faith Prayer was organised with full devotion and the participation by the participants were very acknowledging.They came into the Raghunath Sadan Hall within the given time in full discipline and maintained the decorum which was required to show as a member of The Bharat Scouts & Guides.It was nicely planned by the lady staffs of our team and that set the tune of departure.

As at the end of every camp we give some voluntary service to make our camp place neat & clean, in this workshop too we planned a session on cleaning work (shram daan).We decided to divide the team in ten areas in the SHQ of Odisha and make them to clean the area by setting an example before leaving the camp place. Participants responded very pro actively in this segment too and within 15 minutes the distributed job was over.

It is a formal procedure of every camp before closing.In this workshop too we evaluate our problems through the evaluation sheet and in the open session tried to clear the questions which were not still clear to them. There were not too much of uncleared ideas as because everyone said that they enjoyed this workshop thoroughly.

Before closing, we took the oath of making India Clean, the exact oath taken by our Hon’ble Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi on 2nd October’2014.The idea behind taking this oath was to inculcate the feeling of responsibilities among all the participants before leaving the workshop.As they were now going to be the peer educator,they must first feel the values of taking oath.

We are very thankful from core of our heart to all the members of the Odisha State Association for standing behind us in every adverse situation right from the start and extending their whole hearted effort in making this event a successful one. They are the real heroes who worked from behind the curtains and got no appreciation from anyone. Each and every staff of Odisha State Association deserve our core thanks though we know this is just a formal way of giving appreciation. They have extended their hands of co-operations in such a way that it is almost inexplicable. Presenting mementoes to each and every participants, presenting mementoes to each state, presenting participation certificates to the participants of every standard judging event shows their generosity. We were fortunate enough to have a team like this and would cherish their support lifelong.

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