Lipovschii Robert

Portrait de Lipovschii Robert
À propos: 

I`m happy member of Scout Iedera Group from Giurgiulesti village, Republic of Moldova. As a scout I was born in 2013. Since 2013 and untill nowadays I`ve been participating in two scouting camps.

My first camp was local on the shore of river Prut. Here we practised all knowledges we`ve got from our scout leader.

In 2014 I participated in Summer Scout Camp in Cociulia village. In this camp I explored the village, overcame forest obstacles and took part in all games and competitions. In the end of my scouting I obtained new skills, experience and bravely withstood all tests. Also I enjoyed all the happy moments we had.

It`s a pity that I didn`t participate in 4th National Scout Jamboree in Moldova, but I`m looking forward 5th Jamboree.

Languages I Know: 

Je souhaiterais recevoir le bulletin.

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Scout Organisation: 
Asociatia Nationala A Scoutilor Din Moldova
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