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13. aoû 2013

At JOTA week end they operated on the Air with wireless eqpt and  internet facilities They used Echo link with many coeuntries . Guides and Scouts learned about their sisters and brotherd in many countries. Gesas Guide and Scout Group of Konya participated to JOTA  weekend at 2010 Their youngest scout wireless operator was 13 years old
1. Our Scouts call  Osmaniye's Operator with TB5MHH in UHF-VHF station.
 Photographer: TB5AF
2. Our Scouts call to Indian scouts with Ozgur AY Leader( TA5JD).This Scout name is Aishwariya.
Photographer: TA5DY
3. Our scouts send photos to anoperator in another country with the help of operator TB5YJ.
Photographer: TA5DY
4. TB5AF operator teaches the  APRS system and its application to earth quake relieve operations to our scouts.
 5.  TA5AZ Liderimizin izcilerimize HF kısa dalga ile Kıbrıs görüşmesini sağlaması. Our scouts call Cyprus's Operator wtih TA5AZ in HF station.
Photographer:: TA5DY
6. Our scouts call other scouts with help of  TA5DZ in Simplex (145.500 Hz).
Photographer: TA5DY
7.My scout name is Taylan.He is 13 years old.His call sign TB5CXC. He call cubs in Simplex(145.500) frequency.
Photographer: TA5DY
8. My scout's name is Kaan KAYA.His call sign TB5MCD. He call other counties operators in HF frequency.
Photographer: TA5DY
9.  Milli Eğitim İl İzci Kurulu Başkanı ve Gesaş Kulüp Önderi ve TB5MGS ile son temaslar.
Photographer: TB5AF
10. A scout leader in Earth quake monitering station lectures scouts on emergency communcations and the tasks for SAR and Scout Goups
Photographer: TA5DY
Most interesting Contact was with ndia. Their flag photo given on photos
A chat organized with brownies of both geuops Gesaş and İndian one
We are still e-mailng with Miss  Aishwariya  
JOTA  Turkey
JOTI  United Arab Emirates, Australia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Chile, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Israel, British Indian Ocean Territory, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Suriname, Swaziland, Turkey, United States (All Echolink
The activity station visited by Chairman of Konya MEB scout committee
Height 25 m
KURTZELL F-4 HF KISA DALGA ANTENİ on the roof of the school NE-SW
Location Konys city
Number of Amateur operators 10
Number of computers 5
Connection ADSL
 TV program made
Computer games were played
Participated to Jampuz
Other activities
SSTV photos echanged
Games designed by Yusuf Ziya TER (TA5DY)
-Orienteering by morse codes
-Paint on Computer by morse codes
Section                        Guide           Scout
Cubs & Brownies         68               76
Guides & Scouts          26                33
Rovers                           25                14  
Leaders                           1                  1                      
Author:  Mr. Ozgur AY
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