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Publication date: 10. juil 2015

Do you want to learn something cool? Here’s one that is not to be missed at the upcoming Jamboree…

There will be a soft launch of the Scouts Go Solar (SGS) programme at the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan. It is a project that has been developed by Solafrica and the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) since 2009 to promote solar energy as a climate protection measure. The SGS programme is under the umbrella of the World Scout Environment Programme. Aimed at raising awareness on climate change and sustainability solutions among Scouts, the programme features age-appropriate learning-by-doing activities on renewable energy.

The cool thing about this is that Scouts will be one step ahead in making a huge difference! Today, the world recognises the pressing need to reduce CO2 emissions, revert to renewable energy and reverse climate change. The programme will be highly beneficial to Scouts as they will learn to take the lead in the solar energy revolution.

Here are some of the resources and activities that will be made available:

Solar Challenge Badge
Badges have always provided strong motivation for Scouts to take part and take action. You will learn more about the requirements to qualify for this badge at the Jamboree. The Solar Challenge Badge is supplementary to and provided for under the World Scout Environment Badge.

Solar Handbook
A handbook for Scout leaders is being finalised and will be launched at the Jamboree. It is designed to help create awareness, and develop Scouts’ knowledge on solar energy. It also aims to help Scout leaders to identify, plan, and prepare for solar learning opportunities.

Scouts Go Solar Gadgets
How cool would it be to create your own solar gadget, learn how to cook without fire, and have an indoor campfire? Check out some of these cool gadgets that will be available at the SGS booth at the Global Development Village.

Single and Double LED Smart Lamp
Learn the basics of Photovoltaics by creating your own solar flashlight. All you need are 1 to 3 light emitting diodes, batteries and a circuit board. You will need to allocate around two hours to solder all the elements onto the circuit board and into its casing which can be recycled Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, shampoo containers or a piece of bamboo.

Solar Cooker
An innovative invention, the Solar Cooker comes in two types – the Solar Box and the Parabolic Mirror. You can use the sun’s thermal energy to cook food - roast meat, bake bread, fry eggs, and save on firewood. It’s far less dangerous than cooking over an open flame too!

Solar Campfire
This is an electrical “campfire” powered by solar energy. It creates an impression of a flame using a moving fabric, silk paper or sheets of cellophane, a fan and LED lamps. The Solar Campfire is useful in situations where campfires are not allowed, when young children are participating or during indoor campfires.

Solar Suitcase
The Solar Suitcase is a portable DIY solar generator that can be used for camping or in emergencies. Encased in a normal travel suitcase, it is ideal for lighting, communication and entertainment purposes. It can also be used to charge electronic gadgets.

Solar Tent
A Solar Tent is a tent equipped with a portable solar power generator. During the day, a solar panel charges an enclosed battery that can be used for lighting, cooling and charging electronic gadgets.

The environment is central to Scouting. If 40 million Scouts get involved and take action, we can create a better world – by powering it with renewable energy and by the sustainable use and responsible management of earth’s resources.

To learn more about the Scouts Go Solar programme, visit and And watch out for the Scouts Go Solar launch in the #wsj2015 site and at the Jamboree in Japan!

By Eul Bryan De Gracia

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