Founder’s Day: Being Active in Community Service


I was inspired by the news and fear of covid spreading into schools and affecting the students’ daily lives. The use of common areas and equipment can potentially spread the disease- covid-19. The school also often encourages students to wipe down the table they use before and after, but most students usually do not wipe down and just use the table, especially those in the canteens. With the mask off, bacteria enters the body easier because it's exposed to the surroundings. The school hall will be used for examinations and the area is very big. For the elderly to walk the whole school hall, it's very troublesome and tiring, not adding that they have to arrange the tables and chairs for the students. Also, the area is cleaned up by the cleaner aunties and uncle who are elderlys, hence cleaning up at canteen is not only beneficial to us but also the elderlys. For the clearing of heavy CCA equipment from various CCAs for bulk refuse removal. The equipment included items like poles, wooden platforms and other chunk of woodlong poles and bench poles, it is commonly used every cca so the time spent arranging and organising it is very limited. Rearranging the pole and and the board will not only save time for when we need them, through it we can also get rid of poles that can no longer be used.

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We can clean up the area as by doing so we can lessen the workload of the eldery cleaners. As a unit, we worked together with our Operation Manager(OM). We discussed what we could do to help the elderlys in our school and ahd the thought of starting of with ourselves first before helping the school. We wiped the chairs and tables with sanitizers, picked up the litter on the floor and trash left by other mayflowerians, swept the school hall and rearranged the poles and platforms. After we got the idea down, we had to prepare the required logistics and make use of the manpower. 


Service hours: Total Hours: 12h (7th April 2021 – 17th April 2021)

  • 7th April 2019: 2hr (planning and meet up with OM to discuss on the project for 10th Apr)

  • 10th April: 4hr (Execution of Day 1 of service-learning activity)

  • 14th April: 2hr (planning and meet up with OM to discuss on the project for 17th Apr)

  • 17th April: 4hr (Execution of Day 2 of service-learning activity)


We split the manpower and the tasks to be done on different days. We tried assigning people to places where they could do their best at, although some did not get their desired role, everyone participated actively and finished the task together. We had people cleaning up the tables and chairs and people sweeping the floor in the hall. The teachers would go around both places to ensure that we do not mess things up or touch things we are not supposed to. I was asked to pick up the rubbish around the canteen while a few scouts were filling the bucket with sanitizer and water. I walked around parts of the canteen with tongs and a trash bag picking up the trash like bottles, plastic wrapper for straws and used tissue. Through the process of picking up, i had to bend down to pick up and my hands were in contact of others used items which was quite disgusting but thinking that the elderlys have to do this, I continued on. After picking the trash, I got a cloth and wiped the tables and chairs. I had to move about to wipe the tables and chair and after just a while, my hands were wrinkled from the contact with water. There were also people assigned to the hall to do the sweeping. Through the process of cleaning, I understood the difficulties that the elderly cleaners face adding that their movements might not be as convenient as us yet they are doing even more tiring work and they are not complaining, greeting us Mayflowerians with a smile on their face. For the removal of heavy equipment for bulk refuse removal, we had stronger people carry the poles to lay out while others arrange and differentiate between the good and bad condition poles. After that the unwanted equipments were disposed and returned everything else back in place. The process was long and tedious as we had to bring the equipment around and back but after the arranging and differentiating we could find poles easier and were safe to use. Through working together I realised that we had to use the manpower we had as much as possible or else we would not be able to get things done as quickly and efficiently, wasting time that could be used on other more meaningful tasks.

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Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Sunday, April 11, 2021

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