Bidong Street Light Solar Lamp Project

Project Background
Bidong Island is an island that was situated off the coast of Terengganu, Malaysia in the South China Sea. It is one square kilometre island that is accessible from the coastal town of Merang. Bidong Island has become a station for UMT Marine Research that is used to explore marine archaeology and excavation. Experts from various background such as geoscience, maritime engineering, physical and chemical oceanography and marine biology work together at Bidong Island to do a research on their own field. Other than that, this island also has been used as a place to organise study tour.
There is an annual program that the students of UMT must go to the island in order to teach them on how to survive at the island. So, this island has never being emptied as the people always come either they do their work or they have a program in this island. So, we need the solar light as our source of light in the island rather than depending on the generator to light the island.

What is solar panel system?
A system that use a sunlight as a source of energy in order to generate the electricity. This solar panel works by allowing the particles of light to knock the electrons free from atoms to generate a flow of electricity. This solar panels are comprise from many smaller units that called photovoltaic cell. In order to work onto this system, the photovoltaic cells is needed to establish an electric field like a magnetic field that occurs due to the opposite poles. An electric field is occurs when opposite charges are separated. So, in order to get into this field, the manufacturers ‘dope’ silicon with other materials has gave each of the semi-conducting material a positive and negative electric charge.

What is Solar Light Street?
It is system that enable the people especially the researcher at Bidong Island to use the natural supply of the electricity compared by using a generator to supply the electric around the island. It also can reduce the cost of the electric that has be borne whenever there is a visitor come to the island especially the researchers from UMT that are always come and stay at the island. In addition, this project will be supervised by Prof. Madya Dr. Haji Mustaffa bin Haji Ibrahim that willing to help in term of advice and support. More or less, this project is expected to be more sustainable as we use the natural source of electric and the power of the electricity can be generating continuously. Next, it can help the university management to reduce the cost of electricity at Bidong Island.

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Project Period

Started On
Thursday, February 1, 2018
Ended On
Sunday, May 13, 2018

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