Fourth Interamerican Leadership Training

By this time one year ago, I was arriving home from one of the most amazing experience I've ever had in my life. It was the third Interamerican Leadership Training (ILT) in Guatemala. Today, I'm arriving home again from the fourth Interamerican Leadership Training. I have had the wonderful opportunity to experience this again as part of the incredible and diverse Staff Team.

It wasn't long ago when I got asked to join the staff for ILT 4. How can I say no to the event that has changed my life a lot? Preparations began soon after. There were a lot of work to be done, but at this point, I can say it was all definitely worth it.

Days went by so fast. Making a whole week feel like 2 days. It was a beautiful thing to see how all these 61 participants from 30 different countries in the region came as strangers, and started becoming a family during the course. As Team Advisor for the Blue Team, I couldn't have been happier to see this happen between them. I could have seen that all of these participants have great potential and I know they will do wonderful things in life as scouts.

During the course we had 8 teams, each with their own color. I know that these colors didn't have any meaning, but sitting on the plane back home, reflecting on the ILT, I realized that each color could have a meaning applied to them that represents us and our lives.
White for the peace we want to create as Messengers of Peace.
Yellow for the sun that lights up our day.
Green for the nature that provides us with food and oxygen.
Blue for the water that is the reason we're here. Water that keeps us alive.
Pink, because sometimes we need a bright color in such a dark world.
Orange for the orange sky during the sunset. Indicating an ending to the day. And ending that means a new day is coming up. That life goes on.
Gray for us to never forget to find the silver lining in every situation we are faced with.
Finally Red. Red for the love we share with each other as brother Scouts.

The course is now over, but it isn't the end. It's just a beginning. A beginning for making a change in each other's life. A beginning to make an impact in our communities. A beginning to start creating a better world. Which is what we are all passionate about and the reason we are in the Scout Movement.
Now home, sitting on my bed and reflecting on the fourth Interamerican Leadership Training, I feel the fire burning inside of me. The fire that represents the passion I've always had for the Scout Movement. I am now more motivated than ever to continue working for the Movement to impact other people's lives like the ILT has impacted us. More motivated to create a better world starting in my community. Knowing that there are a lot of other Scouts with the same motivation as me, I cannot wait to see what the impact we can create.

Portrait de Brandon Koots
from Curaçao, il y a 4 années
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