Scouts at NZ20 Jamboree - Service Project

Scout's at the New Zealand Jamboree that started 28 of December 2013 have been engaged in services projects to help the local community of Feilding in the North Island of New Zealand. This project involved removing invasive weeds in the local township. The main plant that was removed by the Scouts was the Wandering Willie. After the completion of their service each Patrol are providing a brief description of their experience and registering their hours spent doing the project.

Here are these brief descriptions made by the Scouts after there service hours:

Cleaned up an area in Feilding (New Zealand) at the 20th New Zealand scout jamboree

We tried to eradicate Wandering Willy in a local reserve.

Yesterday in Feilding we went into the New Zealand bush to weed and save the native plants from being strangled. This was through New Zealand jamboree 2013/2014 in the activity "service'm". We had made a pile of weeds that the leader of the project, and soon everyone, called willies; 2 metres tall and got a prize for doing it.

Our purple patrol we took out lots of wondering willies for a hour and a half. it was fun a than we thought, we really enjoyed helping the community.

Today our Samoan Patrol went to Service'M, it was a windy and exciting day. We were instructed to exterminate Wandering Willie (Tradescantia). It had spread all over Kitchener Park and is stopping other plants from growing. So we had to kill willie and to save the native plants. The walk to Kitchener Park and back to the Camp was tiring. Weeding was easy for us, as in Samoa, in Schools, when you get into detention, you weed the grass. It was a great experience for us. Thank you

We walked to Kitchener Park to help plant trees and remove an annoying weed called Wandering Willie. It was good and made us feel good to do something for the community that we are staying whilst at the NZ 20th Jamboree.

As a patrol we worked hard to protect our native environment and by doing this we realised the natural beauty of our native bush.

We weeded 'Wondering Willies' which are a pest to New Zealand due to choking and strangling native plants. Some were on the ground and some were in a vine like state up in trees.

We enjoyed helping the community and bagging the name of the plant. We also had heaps of fun because we could find out more about our environment.

The community service we did planting flax and shrubs was a huge enjoyment improving this great community of fielding who welcomed us into their town.

We weeded 'Wondering Willies' which are a pest to New Zealand due to choking and strangling native plants. Some were on the ground and some were in a vine like state up in trees.

We pulled out a type of weed called Wandering Willy to help the native trees of New Zealand. We also planted some New Zealand native trees and put protect mats around the bottom. We did this to give back to Feilding for letting us have our Jamboree here.

service base nz 20 jamboree our patrol of six pulled weeds for 1hr30.

We spent the afternoon at Kitchener Park getting rid of the weed Wondering Willy. We removed the weed from around the trees.

We pulled out weeds to save the native trees, as those weeds were strangling them. this was at the NZ fielding jamboree.

I have had lots of fun making my community better place even though it was hard work.

We lost the spade and then found the spade and in amongst all the searching we chopped down the weed Wandering Willie! And helped protect the trees.

Helping the Feilding community by taking part in a Jamboree organised activity, planting native plants to create a green belt alongside a railway.

We pulled out weeds chocking the natural fauna and flora.

we pulled out weeds to save the native trees, as those weeds were strangling them. this was at the nz fielding jamboree.

We cleard a patch of wondering willies to help save nz's native bush life.

We weeded 'Wondering Willies' which are a pest to New Zealand due to choking and strangling native plants. Some were on the ground and some were in a vine like state up in trees.

We went weeding at fielding for an hour and a half our weed pile was taller than 1.50m we cleared all the weeds around New Zealand's tallest kowhai tree

We were tasked with bush bashing the weeds out of the park. We really enjoyed ourselves, it felt so good to let out our energy on deforesting the weeds.

Our task was to pull out 'Wandering Willies'. They are a pest to New Zealand native plants and wildlife.

We help New Zealand's Native wildlife and saving lives of the trees. We found the experience changing, it was good to help others instead of just yourself.

It was inspirational to be out in the native trees and plants, we got rid of the weeds that were killing the native trees in NZ.

We had to take out all the weeds to save the trees and it was a fun experience.

We cleared weeds that could potentially strangle native bush life, we also took down the weeds that had already started to strangle native trees. We found this experience good and rewarding because we now know what to do in the future.

We cleared weeds and vines away from native trees to they wouldn't become strangled and could reach the light. We found this tiring but fun and rewarding.

We were cleaning up "wondering willies" that were strangling native plants. We saved some bird nests from the trees, we found this experience awesome and rewarding.

We found this experience rewarding to see what we had done with the space we were provided. We cleared "wondering willie' from trees and the ground. A negative is that there were to many spiders.

We dug holes and planted plants then we had to water them and lay mulch down. We found experience good but we didn't communicate properly but felt rewarding as we were helping the community.

We cleaned up the wildlife and got rid of the weeds in native forests to help restore our wildlife. We found it fun and enjoyed making a difference.

We help mulch the young saplings near the Main Trunk Railway at Fielding

We helped to clear away weeds away from the native trees so then they have a better chance at life.

We helped the community by covering the space between newly planted native scrub.

we helped remove the weeds from the garden then added mulch to make the new plants grow faster.

We killed "willies" to save the native trees, hacked down vines and helped the community. We found this experience funny, wet and odd.

We weeded around the shady areas and removed the vines from the native trees so they could grow properly. We found this fun as we got to help the community.

For service we knocked out a bunch of "wondering willies" around the other nature as they were suffocating all the wilderness.

We had to dig up some ground then we planted about 500 plants around the corner about 15 minutes away. It was interesting but fun.

We dug out a whole lot of weeds around the trees, then we placed weed mat around young native trees.

We did Service'm, we weeded plants which were choking native plants, It was a good experience.

We ran around site seeing, then we picked a good area and picked out weeds and plants that were unwanted to save the trees.

We mulched around plants and native trees, we found it was hard but rewarding at the end.

We cleared bamboo and blackberry from bushes and trees at Kitcherner park. We found this tedious and rewarding.

We found weeds and pulled them out so they ruin the native trees, we found this fun and peaceful.

We cleared weeds and plants that were killing native plants, we found this interesting and developed skills for gardening.

We had to find weeds that were taking over our native plants and put them into piles. It was a bit of a challenge.

We went to Kowhai park and we learnt about the plants "willies" and "blackberry', we then picked them out form trees and put them into piles. We found this fun and spiky.

We walked to the park, we started weeding and created a pile 2 metres high and 4 metres long. This was rewarding because to know we helped the environment.

We helped the community clearing weeds and making room for new native plants to grow. We found it great with our teamwork and fun doing it together.

We pulled out all then 'willies' and cleaned up the forest floor.

A bit of a walk and hard work but it paid off as it was a rewarding experience to help out in the community

we walked and then we found the native seedlings that were being attacked by weeds.

We went and cleared weeds from around the trees.

we got given a challenge to clean up our local weeds at our scout jamboree and we saved the natives by freeing them from the weeds by this we are messengers of the peace

we pulled heaps of weeds from around native trees, it was very hard work but it was worth it because once we had finished we looked at the area we had weeded and we were amazed at the work we had done so by that we are messengers of peace.

We Pulled out heaps of weeds and put them in one 2 metre high pile. It was hard work but it felt good doing something to help the community

What a way to spend my birthday making a pile of weeds taller than me, changing the world, saving the environment!

We had a great time helping the fielding community by spreading the mulch along the green spine, it made us feel like we were giving a good vibe to the community:)

We planted native trees in Fielding community. It was cool and wasn't hard to make a visible difference

We had great fun getting rid of Wandering Willy, and saving the world! (:
Those Guys

We thank all of the staff for the amazing experience and we are so grateful to give back to the Feilding community

we pulled out wandering willy and some of us got cut but we had lots of fun helping the community

We are repaying Feilding hospitality by helping the community by pulling out weeds at a local park ;).

We were helping make the community and town look more green, we had lots of fun spreading mulch, it started to rain but we still kept going.

In fielding we went to a park and pulled out weeds to give the native plants space to grow .

we pulled out the plants that were killing each other.( the willy).

we help the environment by removing weeds that were killing many of the other plants.

we have helped the environment by planting new plants to grow to help others.

we freed the native plants from the wandering willies

We went down to a local parks and helped as a community project and planted trees mainly green spines!

helped out around camp

It didn't take very long but it felt as if we'd made a real difference in the community. We were very glad to help.

It was cool to help , and not that much effort.

It was a great feeling knowing that we have put something back into the community .

This was a fantastic opportunity to talk and discuss with my patrol just how important our contribution to the environment is.

Its was a big difference we made and it didn't take much effort.
We planted trees beside the railway track to enhance the view of the track.

it was easy helping out and giving a hand to save the environment and make the area look pretty.

lots of hard work but it is definitely worth it!

We pulled weeds out from the bush, to help the trees grow.

we bush bashed through the trees for wondering willies!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

We laid mulch on the ground to help the plants grow and to keep the weeds down!
It was hard work but well worth the energy and I hope to come back in a few years and see the benefits of our work!

It was really fun helping to pull out the weeds and I had a great time

it was fun helping the fielding community.

it was fun and the sun was really hot but we got an icky stick after

it was a achievement to me to help others in need

It was great being able to help in the community and help others in the future

it was a good feeling to give back to the community and to give back to a movement that has helped me to grow as a person

it was a good feeling helping out

It was a good experience and it was great getting a natural high

it was a great thing to do and I loved the felling

hard work but good thing to do for the community

My first Messengers of Peace project was really cool!

I really enjoyed helping save the trees

I saved lives !!!

We cleared out a whole section of weeds and released at least 20 native plants!!!!

it was a great way to help so many people and the environment. it was totally worth it.

It was a really fun way to spend an afternoon.

Better than sitting and playing games.

Very fun ripping it up
Mass Genocide of non-native plants,

lots of fun planting trees

lots of fun taking out weeds to let other trees grow

cool helping save native bush

It was an awesome experience ripping the weed out for the fielding community.

t was really nice doing something that will actually help people, create a better place, and to just have fun doing it. I also think a lot of people will benefit from us all working together.

I liked planting the trees because it helped the environment

I really enjoyed helping out the environment by planting trees because I do it a lot at home.

we picked up lots of wondering willie. We enjoyed helping out the community of fielding.

we planted trees by the railways. we had allot of fun.

we pulled out wondereing wiilie in kowhai park it was taking over all the natives

cleaning showers and rubbish collecting

planted trees down at a train track for the 20th nz jam. we enjoyed helping the local community of fielding.

Had loads of fun helping the environment by weeding and cracking some funny jokes.

As one of the leaders running this base, I had a great time seeing the changes a lot of hands can make to a huge job, it was great to see everyone come together, there were some good competitions between troups and patrols.

The Wondering Willy was fun to fall in :)

It was pretty hard pulling out weeds and it was pretty hard. It did help the community because we were helping the native plants in the area.

We were putting plants in.

We found that it was hard work but it was worth it in the end.

We made the crooked trees straight and planted more trees along the railway lines on New Years Eve 2013.

You should not see this


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Thanks I was there. I've seen it since and the difference is huge.

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