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Scarf Exchange Project

15. oct 2013

Hello Everyone!
I have been really excited about this permanent Jamboree online, especially with this very special weekend coming up. So for all of those who have never been in a Jamboree, one of the most amazing things is that you enter your first day with one scarf around you neck, but exit with 20! Sharing badges, scarf's, and other stuff is one of the most amazing things in the Jamboree. So why don't we bring that to here!
Comment if you want my groups scarf, il be in touch and of course feel free to talk to each other on this project and share your scarfs and badges!
Send me and e-mail to with your adress and name and il be in contact within 24 hours!
Iv heard my scarf is one of the nicest in the world. Im leaving a picture here, it's Yellow, Orange, Red and Brown! :D
Hope everyone likes the idea and adheres to it!

Gui - Group 230 Caxias, Portugal

Commentaires (18)

Greetings brother! My name is Alif, a rover scout from Indonesia. I saw your scarfs and i kind of interested in it. So, would you explain more about how are you going to trade the scarfs, not only with me, but with the other scouts in the world?

Well my idea is to create an open platform here on the new scout platform. The way I was thinking on doing this, is just like we are talking now. I have created an e-mail: people can e-mail me and we arrange scarf exchange through mail. Each one pays the mailing fee for the sent scarf and voila! :D What do you think?

scout greetings from indian scouts..
hay brother i like your project and also collect and exchange scarfs in all over the world to build a great brother hood.can you exchange your scarfs with me??

Hey...Im a Lebanese Scout...full support for the idea (y)

Grande Guinius !

  • Ramu
  • De Norway
  • 15. oct 2013

Scouts from northern Noway like this project.

Hello ! fellow scout ! Im interested on your project. I love to collect scarf . :D

Hello! Fantastic idea! I would love to take part in it.

that's a good idea

Ok, If you guys want to exchange a scarf with me, please e-mail me on: with your name and address, I will reply within 24 hours of you e-mail!

Hey ! anyway this is my email . :))))))))

Hello im a scout leader in South Africa, i think the idea is long over due......very good!!!!
iv got a few of my friends who are also scout leaders and when i tell them about your idea i think you will be spending time at the post office ;) i have sent you a e-mail in regards to me exchanging a scarf with you.

Hehehe Yes Dominic, I have just replied to you. I agree with you that the idea is long overdue, but it's here now, so lets use it! As for spending time at the post office, it's ok, I know il be getting many scarfs for my group soon so yeah! :D

  • Liba
  • De Czech Republic
  • 20. oct 2013

Czech republic here. I'd like to join this project!

if you want to join e-mail me please! We have a few Scarfs going out Monday!

  • Liba
  • De Czech Republic
  • 21. oct 2013

I sent you e-mail already, but no answer. My e-mail address is:

  • Fary
  • De Czech Republic
  • 7. aoû 2014

My email is

Sorry, just re opened my Account today. I'd like to join you. My e-mail is

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